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Gore Bike Wear

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Gore Bike Wear Cycle Clothing has been specially developed to meet the needs of today’s cyclists. Each product benefits from Gore’s many years of experience and leadership in producing high-performance garments, and each features the latest fabric technologies and design styles. Gore’s own legendary Gore-Tex® and Windstopper® fabrics are included in this collection, as well as a broad range of selected technical fabrics which address the specific needs of cyclists. Count on Gore Bike Wear™ products for the ultimate in comfort and performance.

EV203551-S-BLK Black, Small In Stock
EV203551-M-BLK Black, Medium In Stock
EV203551-L-BLK Black, Large In Stock
EV203551-XL-BLK Black, XLarge In Stock
EV203551-XXL-BLK Black, XXLarge In Stock
EV203551-M-BKW Black/White/Red, Medium In Stock
EV203551-L-BKW Black/White/Red, Large In Stock 16/05/14
EV203551-XL-BKW Black/White/Red, XLarge In Stock
EV203579-S-WHRD White/Red, Small In Stock
EV203579-M-WHRD White/Red, Medium In Stock
EV203579-L-WHRD White/Red, Large In Stock
EV203579-XL-WHRD White/Red, XLarge In Stock
EV203579-XXL-WHRD White/Red, XXLarge In Stock
EV203579-S-RDBK Red/Black, Small In Stock
EV203579-M-RDBK Red/Black, Medium In Stock
EV203579-L-RDBK Red/Black, Large In Stock
EV203579-XL-RDBK Red/Black, XLarge In Stock
EV203579-XXL-RDBK Red/Black, XXLarge In Stock
EV160484-34-BLK Black, 34 In Stock
EV160484-36-BLK Black, 36 In Stock
EV160484-38-BLK Black, 38 In Stock
EV160484-40-BLK Black, 40 In Stock
EV160484-42-BLK Black, 42 In Stock
EV160484-34-WHT White, 34 In Stock
EV160484-36-WHT White, 36 In Stock
EV160484-38-WHT White, 38 In Stock
EV160484-40-WHT White, 40 In Stock
EV160482-34-BLK Black, XSmall In Stock
EV160482-36-BLK Black, Small In Stock
EV160482-38-BLK Black, Medium In Stock
EV160482-40-BLK Black, Large In Stock
EV160482-42-BLK Black, XLarge In Stock
EV160482-34-WHT White, XSmall In Stock
EV160482-36-WHT White, Small In Stock
EV160482-38-WHT White, Medium In Stock
EV160482-40-WHT White, Large In Stock
EV160482-42-WHT White, XLarge In Stock
EV203582-S-BLK Black, Small In Stock
EV203582-M-BLK Black, Medium In Stock
EV203582-L-BLK Black, Large In Stock
EV203582-XL-BLK Black, XLarge In Stock
EV203582-XXL-BLK Black, XXLarge In Stock
EV203553-34-BLK Black, EU 34 In Stock
EV203553-36-BLK Black, EU 36 In Stock
EV203553-38-BLK Black, EU 38 In Stock
EV203553-40-BLK Black, EU 40 In Stock
EV203553-34-BKW Black/White, EU 34 In Stock
EV203553-36-BKW Black/White, EU 36 In Stock
EV203553-38-BKW Black/White, EU 38 In Stock
EV203553-40-BKW Black/White, EU 40 In Stock
EV203553-42-BKW Black/White, EU 42 In Stock
EV203553-42-BLK Black, EU 42 Currently unavailable
EV160475-S-BLK Black, Small In Stock
EV160475-M-BLK Black, Medium In Stock
EV160475-L-BLK Black, Large In Stock
EV160475-XL-BLK Black, XLarge In Stock
EV160475-XXL-BLK Black, XXLarge In Stock
EV160475-M-WHT White, Medium In Stock
EV160475-L-WHT White, Large In Stock
EV160475-XL-WHT White, XLarge In Stock
EV160475-XXL-WHT White, XXLarge In Stock
EV160475-S-WHT White, Small Currently unavailable
EV186438-S-BLK Black, Small In Stock
EV186438-M-BLK Black, Medium In Stock
EV186438-L-BLK Black, Large In Stock
EV186438-XL-BLK Black, XLarge In Stock
EV186438-XXL-BLK Black, XXLarge In Stock
EV186438-S-BKGY Graphite Grey/Black, Small Discontinued
EV186438-M-BKGY Graphite Grey/Black, Medium Discontinued
EV186438-L-BKGY Graphite Grey/Black, Large Discontinued
EV186438-XL-BKGY Graphite Grey/Black, XLarge Discontinued

Gore Bikewear Helmet Cover

Gore Bike Wear Helmet Cover

Stock information

4.0 (8 reviews)

$66.26 Save 37%!
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122330-M-BLK Black, Medium In Stock
122330-L-BLK Black, Large Discontinued
EV174559-36-NAVY Navy Blue, 36 In Stock
EV174559-38-NAVY Navy Blue, 38 In Stock
EV174559-40-NAVY Navy Blue, 40 In Stock
EV174559-36-FUS Fuchsia, 36 Discontinued
EV174559-38-FUS Fuchsia, 38 Discontinued
EV174559-40-FUS Fuchsia, 40 Discontinued
EV174559-34-NAVY Navy Blue, 34 Discontinued
EV174559-42-NAVY Navy Blue, 42 Discontinued

Gore Bike Wear Road Thermo Socks

Gore Bike Wear Road Thermo Socks

Stock information

4.5 (12 reviews)

$20.70 Save 50%!
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EV180749-S-BKW Black/White, Small, EU 35-37 In Stock
EV180749-M-BKW Black/White, Medium, EU 38-40 In Stock
EV180749-L-BKW Black/White, Large, EU 41-43 Discontinued
EV180749-XL-BKW Black/White, XLarge, EU 44-46 Discontinued
EV203568-34-BKW Black/White, EU 34 In Stock
EV203568-36-BKW Black/White, EU 36 In Stock
EV203568-38-BKW Black/White, EU 38 In Stock
EV203568-40-BKW Black/White, EU 40 In Stock
EV203568-42-BKW Black/White, EU 42 In Stock
EV203554-34-WHBK White/Black, EU 34 In Stock
EV203554-36-WHBK White/Black, EU 36 In Stock
EV203554-38-WHBK White/Black, EU 38 In Stock
EV203554-40-WHBK White/Black, EU 40 In Stock
EV203554-42-WHBK White/Black, EU 42 In Stock
EV203554-38-BLK Black, EU 38 In Stock
EV203554-42-BLK Black, EU 42 In Stock
EV160485-34-BLK Black, XSmall In Stock
EV160485-38-BLK Black, Medium In Stock
EV160485-40-BLK Black, Large In Stock
EV160485-42-BLK Black, XLarge In Stock
EV160485-34-WHT White, XSmall In Stock
EV160485-36-WHT White, Small In Stock
EV160485-40-WHT White, Large In Stock
EV160485-42-WHT White, XLarge In Stock
EV160485-36-BLK Black, Small Currently unavailable
EV160485-38-WHT White, Medium Currently unavailable
EV160477-S-BLK Black, Small In Stock
EV160477-M-BLK Black, Medium In Stock
EV160477-L-BLK Black, Large In Stock
EV160477-XXL-BLK Black, XXLarge In Stock
EV160477-S-WHT White, Small In Stock
EV160477-L-WHT White, Large In Stock
EV160477-XXL-WHT White, XXLarge In Stock
EV160477-XL-BLK Black, XLarge Currently unavailable
EV160477-XL-WHT White, XLarge Currently unavailable
EV156189-S-BLK Black, Small In Stock
EV156189-L-BLK Black, Large In Stock
EV156189-XL-BLK Black, XLarge In Stock
EV156189-XXL-BLK Black, XXLarge In Stock
EV156189-S-WHT White, Small In Stock
EV156189-L-WHT White, Large In Stock
EV156189-XXL-WHT White, XXLarge In Stock
EV156189-M-BLK Black, Medium Discontinued
EV156189-M-WHT White, Medium Discontinued
EV156189-XL-WHT White, XLarge Discontinued
EV203575-34-BURD Ice Blue/Coral Red/White, EU 34 In Stock
EV203575-36-BURD Ice Blue/Coral Red/White, EU 36 In Stock
EV203575-38-BURD Ice Blue/Coral Red/White, EU 38 In Stock
EV203575-40-BURD Ice Blue/Coral Red/White, EU 40 In Stock
EV203575-42-BURD Ice Blue/Coral Red/White, EU 42 In Stock
EV203556-34-WHBK White/Black, EU 34 In Stock
EV203556-36-WHBK White/Black, EU 36 In Stock
EV203556-38-WHBK White/Black, EU 38 In Stock
EV203556-40-WHBK White/Black, EU 40 In Stock
EV203556-34-GNWH Weekend Green/White, EU 34 In Stock
EV203556-36-GNWH Weekend Green/White, EU 36 In Stock
EV203556-38-GNWH Weekend Green/White, EU 38 In Stock
EV203556-40-GNWH Weekend Green/White, EU 40 In Stock
EV160473-S-BLK Black, Small In Stock
EV160473-M-BLK Black, Medium In Stock
EV160473-L-BLK Black, Large In Stock
EV160473-XL-BLK Black, XLarge In Stock
EV160473-XXL-BLK Black, XXLarge In Stock
EV160473-S-GRY Grey, Small Discontinued
EV186441-M-BLK Black, Medium In Stock
EV186441-L-BLK Black, Large In Stock
EV186441-XL-BLK Black, XLarge In Stock
EV186441-XXL-BLK Black, XXLarge In Stock
EV186441-S-GRY White, Small In Stock
EV186441-M-GRY White, Medium In Stock
EV186441-L-GRY White, Large In Stock
EV186441-XL-GRY White, XLarge In Stock
EV186441-XXL-GRY White, XXLarge In Stock
EV186441-S-BLK Black, Small Discontinued
EV203562-S-BLK Black, Small In Stock
EV203562-M-BLK Black, Medium In Stock 17/05/14
EV203562-L-BLK Black, Large In Stock
EV203562-XL-BLK Black, XLarge In Stock
EV203562-XXL-BLK Black, XXLarge In Stock 07/05/14
EV203562-M-BKRD Black/Red, Medium In Stock
EV203562-L-BKRD Black/Red, Large In Stock 07/05/14
EV203562-XL-BKRD Black/Red, XLarge In Stock