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Buffera Original

Buff Original

from $11.76
$17.00 Save 30%!

4.5 (80 reviews)

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122008-NA-NA Black, One Size In Stock
122008-NA-GRN Blue Vison, One Size In Stock
122008-NA-BLU Marino, One Size In Stock
122008-NA-PNK Pink Vision, One Size In Stock
EV141792-NA-BKRD Xinyang, One Size In Stock
122008-NA-LIME Logo Us, One Size In Stock
122008-NA-BKGY Arashi, One Size Discontinued
EV185682-NA-BKW Carbon, One Size Discontinued
122008-NA-GRYYL Weft, One Size Discontinued
EV185684-NA-PRP Lumirama, One Size Discontinued
EV185681-NA-BKYL Buff Obsession, One Size Discontinued
122008-NA-GRY Combe Grey, One Size Currently unavailable
122008-NA-RED Auro-Red, One Size Currently unavailable

Buffera Wool

Buff Wool

from $20.14
$28.76 Save 30%!

4.5 (16 reviews)

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EV185685-NA-BLK Black, One Size In Stock
EV158482-NA-GRN Cedar, One Size In Stock
EV185686-NA-BLU Cobalt, One Size In Stock
EV158482-NA-GRY Colombo Grey, One Size In Stock
EV158482-NA-RED Grana Red, One Size In Stock
EV185688-NA-RED Grana, One Size Discontinued
EV185687-NA-PRP Plum, One Size Discontinued
EV180842-NA-GRY Neo Grey, One Size Discontinued

Buff Reversible Polar

Buff Reversible Polar

$32.69 Save 30%!

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EV185690-NA-PRP PurpleJeff/Fuchsia Fleece, One Size In Stock
EV185689-NA-BKGY Pointed/Gargoyle Fleece, One Size Discontinued

Buffera Reflective

Buff Reflective

from $23.53

4.5 (4 reviews)

Stock information

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EV203729-NA-BLK R-Black, One Size In Stock
EV203729-NA-YLW R-Yellow Fluor, One Size In Stock
EV203729-NA-ORG Orange/R-Texture, One Size In Stock

Buff Buff Women's Davy Long Sleeve Tee

Buff Women's Davy Long Sleeve Tee

$104.66 Save 80%!

Stock information

More info on Buff Women's Davy Long Sleeve Tee
EV193486-XS-PNK Pink, XSmall In Stock
EV193486-S-GRN Green, Small Discontinued
EV193486-L-GRN Green, Large Discontinued
EV193486-S-PNK Pink, Small Discontinued
EV193486-M-PNK Pink, Medium Discontinued
EV193486-L-PNK Pink, Large Discontinued
EV193486-XL-PNK Pink, XLarge Discontinued
EV226167-NA-PUR Gaudia Purple/Pink, One Size In Stock
EV226167-NA-BKGY Black, One Size Currently unavailable
EV226170-NA-BLK Black, One Size In Stock
EV226168-SM-BLK Black, Small/Medium In Stock
EV226168-LXL-BLK Black, Large/XLarge In Stock
EV226166-NA-PUR Liliya Purple, One Size In Stock
EV226166-NA-MULTI Kalina Multi, One Size In Stock
EV226169-SM-BLK Black-Print, Small/Medium In Stock
EV226169-LXL-BLK Black-Print, Large/XLarge In Stock

Buff Headwear is probably the most versatile piece of headwear you will ever own. Worn as a scarf, balaclava, foulard, mask, neckerchief, pirate, saharaine, hairband, wristband, diadem or headband a Buff is designed for all outdoors enthusiasts. It will wick perspiration away from the skin and is seamless for maximum comfort. Made with polyester microfibre, Buff headwear is wind-resistant, small enough to keep in a pocket, machine washable and fast-drying. A Buff will not fade or lose its elasticity. Original Buff headwear comes in over 100 gorgeous designs offering both fun and fashion – what more could you ask for from your headwear?

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