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Litespeed Li2 Ultegra 2012 Road Bike

Litespeed Li2 Ultegra 2012 Road Bike

$5272.48 Save 18%!

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EV153378-S-IRR Black, Small In Stock
EV190451-S-IRR Titanium, Small In Stock
EV190451-M-IRR Titanium, Medium In Stock
EV190451-ML-IRR Titanium, Medium/Large In Stock
EV190451-L-IRR Titanium, Large In Stock
EV190451-XL-IRR Titanium, XLarge In Stock
EV190451-XS-IRR Titanium, XSmall Discontinued
EV190455-S-IRR Titanium, Small In Stock
EV190455-M-IRR Titanium, Medium In Stock
EV190455-L-IRR Titanium, Large In Stock
EV190452-XS-IRR Titanium, XSmall In Stock
EV190452-S-IRR Titanium, Small In Stock
EV190452-M-IRR Titanium, Medium In Stock
EV190452-ML-IRR Titanium, Medium/Large In Stock
EV190452-L-IRR Titanium, Large In Stock
EV190453-XS-IRR Titanium, XSmall In Stock
EV190453-M-IRR Titanium, Medium In Stock
EV190453-ML-IRR Titanium, Medium/Large In Stock
EV190453-L-IRR Titanium, Large In Stock
EV154940-NA-NA In Stock
EV174666-NA-NA Steel In Stock

Litespeed Bikes emphasis on technology attracted the attention on other bike manufacturers and high-profile athletes seeking an edge in competition. Most notably, Lance Armstrong famously rode a Litespeed Blade painted to look like a Trek to two wins in the individual time trials of the 1999 Tour de France. Other bicycle manufacturers noticed Litespeed’s titanium building expertise and sought creations of their own. Litespeed created titanium road and mountain models for brands DeRosa, Eddy Merckx, Basso, Univega, Alpinestars, Marin, Rocky Mountain, Bianchi and others.