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Your eyes are a particularly delicate and fragile part of your body, when out cycling they are exposed to bright sunlight but also grit that can be thrown up from your wheels and even bugs in the air. Glasses are an essential part of your safety kit – not just a fashion accessory. The best kind of glasses are those that wrap around your face with fairly large lenses, this offers the best protection from anything that might go in your eye. Large lenses also mean that the frames don't obscure your peripheral vision. UVA and UVB protection is important to stop yourself from squinting and to prevent sun damage. Makes sure your glasses offer this. Some glasses offer a removable lens system so that you can have a selection of lenses for different light conditions. Dark for bright light, clear for over cast days and a light enhancing amber lens for low light conditions. Glasses do have a tendency to steam up if you are working hard but moving slowly, when climbing a hill for instance. If you have found this a problem look for vented lenses and frames that encourage airflow. If you need glasses for vision correction it is worth investing in prescription sports glasses so you have all the protection you need and still have perfect vision.

Glasses work well for leisure cycling, road racing and cross-country riding but for downhill mountain biking where the speeds are greater and there is that much more muck flicking off into your face goggles are the only way to go. When you try on goggles make sure you try them with your lid as they need to fit within the face opening and you need to check the helmet doesn't press down on the top of your goggles. Goggles come with a variety of lens colour options so you may need a few pairs to cover the different conditions. In really muddy conditions tear-offs are useful. These are see-through sticky plastic layers that can be ripped off whilst riding when your vision is obscured.

This Buying Guide gives our customers general advice on Eyewear. It is a guide only and we always recommend visiting one of our stores or contacting one of the experts in our sales team on +44(0)1293 574 900 if in doubt about your needs.
This story was last updated on 17/01/2012