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Gloves & MItts
Cycling gloves are important to protect your hands, keep your grip secure and keep them warm in winter.

Hands are vulnerable for lots of reasons - on a bike they are reasonably inactive and take a lot of the wind chill so can get cold quickly. Cold hands don't function as well impairing your ability to brake and change gear as well as being painful. If you fall hands are often the first point of contact and gravel rash on the palm is highly unpleasant. Hands sweat reducing grip of the bar so - particularly in race situations - gloves are important to help you stay in control.

In the summer on the road lightweight mitts are all you need to absorb the sweat and maintain grip. Imitation leather such as Lorica is popular for the palms and terry towelling often makes an appearance as a snot and sweat wipe. Off-road fingerless mitts don't offer enough protection so even in summer long finger gloves are the way forward.

If your riding demands choose a glove with reinforced sections across the knuckles to protect from bashing on trees or obstacles close to the bars. In winter its important to ensure your hands stay warm but that gloves are thin enough to still offer good 'feel' of the bars. A wide range of materials are used in winter gloves, some offer water protection and have thermal materials that stay warm when damp, others use Windstopper for dry but chilly days. Ideally you'd have a couple of different pairs to see you through the worst conditions.

This Buying Guide gives our customers general advice on the Gloves & Mitts. It is a guide only and we always recommend visiting one of our stores or contacting one of the experts in our sales team on +44(0)1293 574 900 if in doubt about your needs.
This story was last updated on 17/01/2012