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Mudguards make cycling in wet weather on wet and muddy roads a more pleasant and tolerable experience. They protect your own backside and face from any muck being thrown up but also keep the showers of mud from your rear wheel off the face of anyone cycling behind you. To not use mudguards on a group road ride is frequently seen as unsociable. Mudguards also help protect your feet from the worst of the spray from your wheels. Once you've ridden with mudguards and enjoyed the feeling of a dry seat on a wet day you won't look back.

Your bike may already have mud guard mounts making fitting guards a simple task. There is some choice with frame-mounted guards so you can fit a guard to suit the style of your bike. Mudguards are available for the full range of road and hybrid bikes.

If you don't have mounts then you will need to purchase clip-on guards. These are easily fitted and removed so if you don't want to ride your race bike with mudguards on dry days it's a quick job to take them off. For race bikes with little frame clearance ultra narrow clip-on guards are available.

Mountain bikers can also benefit from mudguards. These are designed to keep the worst spray out of your eyes and protect your body. These guards attach to the bike either by clamping to the seat post extending over the rear wheel, or clipping on to the down tube which deflects the mud from the front wheel. The down tube guard is the most important – and unobtrusive – it makes a real difference to the amount of water flung into your face as you ride.


This story was last updated on 17/01/2012