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A pump is one of the most basic and commonly used tools in a cyclist tool kit. You'll need a pump to take with you for emergency use, a heavy-duty pump for the garage and a suspension pump if you have air sprung forks or rear shock.

Track Pumps

Track Pumps offer convenient and efficient inflation for tyres. A floor standing pump allows you to pump large air volumes with ease making them quicker, easier and more efficient than a mini pump. It's an essential for every cyclist's garage or shed.

Portable Pumps

Portable Pumps are now highly advanced, with features such as two way pumping action and dual head technology to fit different valve types found on many models. Traditional long frame pumps have been all but superseded by the mini pump. Mini pumps can be easily stowed away in pockets or mounted on the bike. They are small, light and unobtrusive; they do the job efficiently when required without getting in the way the rest of the time.

CO2 Pumps

CO2 Pumps offer a super light, fast acting inflation option. A CO2 cartridge will inflate your tyre to full pressure in one rapid hit, making it the perfect choice for cyclists when racing. Unlike a standard pump, a CO2 cartridge can only be used once, so you better hope you fixed that puncture right! These pumps are particularly popular with racers and especially useful when riding in arduous conditions.

Suspension Pumps

Suspension Pumps are required to ensure that you get the best from your air suspension fork or rear shock. Suspension needs regular pressure checking to ensure that you aren't damaging the shocks and to ensure that you're running the optimal pressure for rider weight and riding conditions. A suspension pump is an essential piece of kit for any rider with front or rear suspension.

Pressure Gauges

Pressure Gauges allow you to check and maintain the pressure that most suits you and your riding conditions. Tyre pressure can dramatically affect the way your bike performs and handles.
This story was last updated on 17/01/2012