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Shorts are arguably the most important item of clothing in a cyclist's wardrobe. Cycle shorts are lined with a synthetic anti-bacterial and anti-microbial insert known as a chamois. Designed for an anatomic fit it prevents chaffing and adds padding and protection between you and the saddle. The padding is the important part of the short but the outer styling can vary greatly.

For road riding Lycra shorts are the norm, these are available as bib shorts or waist shorts. Bib shorts offer advantages over traditional lycra waist shorts as they come up and over your shoulders to keep the short in place, reducing any pressure on your stomach, helping to prevent cramps and stitches.

For those who don't feel comfortable in or like the look of skin tight shorts, baggy outer shorts are a great alternative. Most are designed with inner liners similar to Lycra shorts, but with the outer shell the shorts are more durable and can easily accommodate pockets. With these more casual styled shorts, you will look as good in the café as you will out on the trails.

Alternatively, you can buy padded undershorts and wear your own shorts over the top.

Women need their own female specific short as the chamois is a slightly different size and shape to fit the female anatomy. Men's shorts tend to be more heavily padded toward the rear which can feel bulky for women riders. There is a wide range of shorts available for women in the same selection of styles as for male riders. As a further alternative for female riders there is the skort, a wrap around skirt that covers under shorts so preserving your dignity whilst retaining some fashionable femininity.
This story was last updated on 17/01/2012