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A Guide to
Tag-a-longs &
Cargo Trailers



A tag-a-long bike is a fantastic way to give your child an active introduction to cycling. By the time your child reaches four years old they will be getting too big for a rear child seat but will be too small to ride their own bike on a longer journey. A tag-a-long bike is a brilliant way to bridge that gap and it gives your child a much more active experience than a child seat. It will also help them learn cycle skills.

A tag-a-long bike is basically the rear half a bicycle which clamps to the seat tube of another bike. A bike tag-a-long will have pedals, a crank, a chain and perhaps even gears. A tag-a-long will enable your pedaling passenger to help power the ride and allow them to be more involved with riding. While the tag-a-long also has handlebars, they won’t turn. The tag-a-long should also not have a brake.

An important factor to consider when buying a tag-a-long is your weight and the weight of your child. Your passenger’s weight should not be more than half your weight, as it will make it extremely hard to control your bicycle. Any movements your child makes will upset the balance of your own bike.

Prices for a tag-a-long start at around £140, with the Adventure Ditto One costing £139.99. Just as with buying a regular bike, try to buy the best you can afford. It will ensure that it is lighter and has better components, both of which will enable both you and your child to have a much more enjoyable experience.

Cargo Trailers

A bike cargo trailer is a versatile and adaptable solution to carrying larger loads such as the weekly shop. Bicycle cargo trailers can often carry children, and are an ideal way to take the kids to school on your bike.

Towing a two-wheeled cargo trailer is a more stable option than using a conventional child cycle seat, tag-a-long bike or even riding with heavy panniers. Three wheeled trailers have the added benefit of being used as a buggy or a trolley when unhitched from the bike, making them even more useful.

When pulling passengers, trailers have a big advantage over bike seats and tag-a-longs because most come fitted with rain covers, allowing you to protect children from the elements should the weather take a turn for the worst. Dry and warm passengers are happy passengers! (Unfortunately you will still be getting wet). In our experience, when pulling a cargo trailer we get treated much more respectfully by drivers compared to when riding a bike normal bike.

One thing to consider when choosing a bicycle cargo trailer is the amount of storage space they require. It’s worth remembering that many are too wide to fit through conventional doorways, so will need to be un-hitched from the bike before being brought indoors. Ideally you need a garage or shed to store your cargo trailer in when it’s not in use.

This story was last updated on 25/08/2014

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