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Check out a Cyclocross bike if you are after versatility in a no-nonsense, traditional package. ’Cross bikes will take a pounding, and can serve as a commuter workhorse, an off-road explorer, or a grizzled racer – with little more than a change of tyres. With a position broadly like that of a road bike, a Cyclocross bike will be swift and efficient on the tarmac. However, turn it loose off-road and with its greater stability and grippier tyres – and its slightly lower gearing – it will surprise you how it can handle mud and tricky climbs. And if you fancy taking on the intense rush of a one-hour ’cross race, Evans Cycles can sort you out with a bike which will get you round in style. We stock bestselling brands such as Trek cyclocross bikes and Cannondale cyclocross bikes.

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EV195453-50-BLK Slate, 50cm In Stock
EV195453-52-BLK Slate, 52cm In stock at remote warehouse
EV195453-54-BLK Slate, 54cm In Stock
EV195453-56-BLK Slate, 56cm In Stock
EV195453-58-BLK Slate, 58cm In Stock
EV195453-60-BLK Slate, 60cm In Stock
EV200684-50-PEWT Metallic Pewter, 50cm In Stock
EV200684-52-PEWT Metallic Pewter, 52cm In Stock
EV200684-54-PEWT Metallic Pewter, 54cm In Stock
EV200684-56-PEWT Metallic Pewter, 56cm Delivered in 10 days
EV200684-58-PEWT Metallic Pewter, 58cm In Stock
EV200684-60-PEWT Metallic Pewter, 60cm In stock at remote warehouse
EV200683-52-BLU Light Blue, 52cm In Stock
EV200683-54-BLU Light Blue, 54cm In Stock
EV200683-56-BLU Light Blue, 56cm In stock at remote warehouse
EV200683-58-BLU Light Blue, 58cm In stock at remote warehouse
EV200683-60-BLU Light Blue, 60cm In stock at remote warehouse
EV200682-52-BLK Gloss Black, 52cm In stock at remote warehouse
EV200682-54-BLK Gloss Black, 54cm In stock at remote warehouse
EV200682-56-BLK Gloss Black, 56cm In stock at remote warehouse
EV200682-58-BLK Gloss Black, 58cm In Stock
EV200682-60-BLK Gloss Black, 60cm In Stock
EV200681-54-BLU Metallic Light Blue, 54cm In Stock 14/05/14
EV200681-56-BLU Metallic Light Blue, 56cm In Stock 09/05/14
EV200681-58-BLU Metallic Light Blue, 58cm In Stock
EV200681-52-BLU Metallic Light Blue, 52cm Currently unavailable
EV200681-60-BLU Metallic Light Blue, 60cm Currently unavailable
EV200686-52-SVR Polished Stainless, 52cm In stock at remote warehouse
EV200686-54-SVR Polished Stainless, 54cm Discontinued
EV200686-56-SVR Polished Stainless, 56cm Discontinued
EV200686-58-SVR Polished Stainless, 58cm Currently unavailable
EV200686-60-SVR Polished Stainless, 60cm Currently unavailable