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EV192301-S-GRY Matt Tech Grey, Small In Stock
EV192301-M-GRY Matt Tech Grey, Medium In Stock
EV192301-L-GRY Matt Tech Grey, Large In Stock
EV192301-XL-GRY Matt Tech Grey, XLarge In Stock
EV192297-S-BLU Metallic Deep Blue, Small In Stock
EV192297-M-BLU Metallic Deep Blue, Medium In Stock
EV192297-L-BLU Metallic Deep Blue, Large In Stock
EV192297-XL-BLU Metallic Deep Blue, XLarge In Stock
EV192299-S-GRY Dark Warm Grey Matt, Small In Stock
EV192299-M-GRY Dark Warm Grey Matt, Medium In Stock
EV192299-L-GRY Dark Warm Grey Matt, Large In Stock
EV192299-XL-GRY Dark Warm Grey Matt, XLarge In Stock
EV192303-S-ORG Gloss Root Beer, Small In Stock
EV192303-M-ORG Gloss Root Beer, Medium In Stock
EV192303-L-ORG Gloss Root Beer, Large In Stock
EV192303-XL-ORG Gloss Root Beer, XLarge In Stock
EV192302-T-BLU Gloss Bright Blue, Tall In Stock
EV192302-S-BLU Gloss Bright Blue, Small In Stock
EV192302-M-BLU Gloss Bright Blue, Medium In Stock
EV192298-T-RED Metallic Deep Red, Tall In Stock
EV192298-S-RED Metallic Deep Red, Small In Stock
EV192298-M-RED Metallic Deep Red, Medium In Stock
EV192300-T-ORG Matt Orange, Tall In Stock
EV192300-S-ORG Matt Orange, Small In Stock
EV192300-M-ORG Matt Orange, Medium In Stock
EV179562-XS-WHT White, XSmall In Stock
EV179562-S-WHT White, Small In Stock
EV179562-L-WHT White, Large In Stock
EV179562-XL-WHT White, XLarge In Stock
EV179562-M-WHT White, Medium Discontinued
EV189170-16-BKW Black/Orange, 16 Inch In Stock
EV189170-18-BKW Black/Orange, 18 Inch Discontinued
EV207530-20-BLK Black, 20 Inch In Stock
EV207530-18-BLK Black, 18 Inch Discontinued
EV207530-23-BLK Black, 23 Inch Discontinued
EV198266-S-BLK Black/Orange, Small In Stock
EV198266-XL-BLK Black/Orange, Xlarge In Stock
EV198266-L-BLK Black/Orange, Large Discontinued
EV198266-M-BLK Black/Orange, Medium Discontinued
EV198250-S-WHT White/Red, Small In Stock
EV198250-M-WHT White/Red, Medium Discontinued
EV198250-L-WHT White/Red, Large Discontinued
EV198250-XL-WHT White/Red, XLarge Discontinued
EV198247-L-CHAR Charcoal/Red, Large In Stock
EV198247-S-CHAR Charcoal/Red, Small Discontinued
EV198247-M-CHAR Charcoal/Red, Medium Discontinued
EV198268-M-BLK Black/Red, Small In Stock
EV198268-S-BLK Black/Red, Medium Discontinued
EV198267-L-GRY Grey/Black, Large In Stock
EV198267-S-GRY Grey/Black, Small Discontinued
EV198267-XL-GRY Grey/Black, Xlarge Discontinued
EV189054-18-WHT White, 18 Inch In Stock 26/08/14
EV189054-20-WHT White, 20 Inch In Stock
EV189054-22-WHT White, 22 Inch In stock at remote warehouse
EV189168-16-BKW Black/White, 16 Inch In Stock
EV189168-18-BKW Black/White, 18 Inch Discontinued
EV207633-22-BKW Black/White, 22inch In stock at remote warehouse
EV207633-20-BKW Black/White, 20inch Discontinued
EV207632-16-PNK Matt Grey/Pink, 16inch In Stock 17/08/14
EV207632-18-PNK Matt Grey/Pink, 18inch In Stock 17/08/14
EV207629-20-BKRD Matt Black/Red, 20inch In stock at remote warehouse
EV207629-22-BKRD Matt Black/Red, 22inch In stock at remote warehouse
EV207629-18-BKRD Matt Black/Red, 18inch Discontinued


Dawes Discovery Sport 1 2013 Women's Hybrid Bike

Dawes Discovery Sport 1 2014 Women's Hybrid Bike

$427.48 Save 6%!

5.0 (3 reviews)

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EV189055-16-WHT White, 16 Inch In Stock 09/08/14
EV189055-18-WHT White, 18 Inch In Stock 17/08/14

Go for a hybrid if you want to get some of the best bits of mountain and road bikes all in one package. With an upright, comfortable and stable riding position, hybrids also give an efficient experience on roads – meaning they are the obvious choice for urban commuters. Hybrid bikes also often have the capability of taking on some light off-road duties, so they are a good starting point for the casual rider who may not need the performance extremes of mountain or road bikes, but wants to keep a foot in both camps. Evans Cycles stock hybrids from top brands such as Trek and Pashley. We also feature a range of bestselling Specialized Sirrus Hybrids . Well-priced, versatile, and an ideal purchase under the Ride2Work scheme.