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Mountain Bikes

Mountain bikes offer the most versatility you can find on two wheels. We stock hardtails, with suspension up front for control and a traditional rear end for simplicity and weight saving. Full suspension mountain bikes soak up the bumps front and back, giving a more comfortable ride and a quicker route down the mountain. As mountain bike technology evolves, Evans Cycles brings the best from a range of top brands including Specialized and Trek. Bestselling ranges include the Specialized Hardrock and the Trek Fuel. We offer mens mountain bikes, women specific mountain bikes and kids mountain bikes.

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EV194579-M-BKW Matte Carbon/White, Medium In Stock
EV194579-L-BKW Matte Carbon/White, Large Delivered in 10 days
EV194579-XL-BKW Matte Carbon/White, XLarge Delivered in 10 days
EV194575-M-CARB Matte Carbon/Yellow, Medium In Stock
EV194575-L-CARB Matte Carbon/Yellow, Large In Stock
EV194575-XL-CARB Matte Carbon/Yellow, XLarge In Stock
EV194570-L-YLW Tennis Yellow/Black, Large Delivered in 10 days
EV194570-XL-YLW Tennis Yellow/Black, XLarge In Stock
EV194570-M-YLW Tennis Yellow/Black, Medium Discontinued
EV194569-L-YLW Tennis Yellow/Black, Large In Stock
EV194569-M-YLW Tennis Yellow/Black, Medium Discontinued
EV194879-M-ORG Orange/White, Medium In Stock
EV194879-L-ORG Orange/White, Large In Stock
EV194879-XL-ORG Orange/White, XLarge In Stock
EV194878-M-ORG Orange/White, Medium In Stock
EV194878-L-ORG Orange/White, Large In Stock
EV194878-XL-ORG Orange/White, XLarge In Stock
EV198509-S-BLU Blue, Small In Stock
EV198509-M-BLU Blue, Medium In Stock
EV192324-S-GRN Matt Lime Yellow, Small In Stock 11/05/14
EV192324-M-GRN Matt Lime Yellow, Medium In Stock
EV192324-L-GRN Matt Lime Yellow, Large In Stock
EV192324-XL-GRN Matt Lime Yellow, XLarge In Stock
EV192323-S-GRY Matt Dark Warm Grey, Small In Stock
EV192323-M-GRY Matt Dark Warm Grey, Medium In Stock
EV192323-L-GRY Matt Dark Warm Grey, Large In Stock
EV192323-XL-GRY Matt Dark Warm Grey, XLarge In Stock
EV192322-S-ORG Matt Flat Orange, Small In Stock
EV192322-M-ORG Matt Flat Orange, Medium In Stock
EV192322-L-ORG Matt Flat Orange, Large In Stock
EV192322-XL-ORG Matt Flat Orange, XLarge Delivered in 10 days
EV192321-S-SVR Matt 'raw' Silver, Small In Stock
EV192321-M-SVR Matt 'raw' Silver, Medium In Stock
EV192321-L-SVR Matt 'raw' Silver, Large In Stock
EV192321-XL-SVR Matt 'raw' Silver, XLarge In Stock
EV192320-S-BLU Matt Mid Blue, Small In Stock
EV192320-M-BLU Matt Mid Blue, Medium In Stock
EV192320-L-BLU Matt Mid Blue, Large In Stock
EV192320-XL-BLU Matt Mid Blue, XLarge In Stock
EV192319-XS-LIME Lime Green, XSmall In Stock
EV192319-S-LIME Lime Green, Small In Stock
EV192319-M-LIME Lime Green, Medium In Stock
EV192318-XS-BLK Black, XSmall In Stock
EV192318-S-BLK Black, Small In Stock
EV192318-M-BLK Black, Medium In Stock
EV198280-S-WHT White, Small In Stock 07/05/14
EV198280-M-WHT White, Medium In Stock 11/05/14
EV198280-L-WHT White, Large In Stock 07/05/14
EV198280-XL-WHT White, XLarge In Stock 11/05/14
EV198279-S-BLK Chrome, Small In Stock
EV198279-M-BLK Chrome, Medium In Stock
EV198279-L-BLK Chrome, Large In stock at remote warehouse
EV198279-XL-BLK Chrome, XLarge In stock at remote warehouse
EV198284-S-WHT White/Red, Small In stock at remote warehouse
EV198284-M-WHT White/Red, Medium In stock at remote warehouse
EV198284-L-WHT White/Red, Large Currently unavailable
EV198283-S-BLU Blue/Red/White, Small In stock at remote warehouse
EV198283-M-BLU Blue/Red/White, Medium In Stock
EV198283-L-BLU Blue/Red/White, Large Currently unavailable
EV198282-S-BLK GT Team Black/Blue/Yellow, Small In stock at remote warehouse
EV198282-M-BLK GT Team Black/Blue/Yellow, Medium In stock at remote warehouse
EV198282-L-BLK GT Team Black/Blue/Yellow, Large In Stock 30/05/14
EV198281-S-BLK Matt Black/Yellow, Small In stock at remote warehouse
EV198281-L-BLK Matt Black/Yellow, Large In Stock 30/05/14
EV198281-M-BLK Matt Black/Yellow, Medium Currently unavailable
EV198242-L-WHT White/Red, Large In stock at remote warehouse
EV198242-XL-WHT White/Red, XLarge In Stock
EV198242-S-WHT White/Red, Small Currently unavailable
EV198242-M-WHT White/Red, Medium Currently unavailable