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Sling a leg over a road bike if you are after a pure experience and want to go the distance on the tarmac. You don’t have to be a racer to enjoy the stripped down approach of a road bike, you might be after a fast commuter, but you will get hooked as the miles rush by under your skinny tyres as you slip into the aerodynamic position of the roadie’s cockpit. Evans Cycles has off-the-peg racers, sportives – which perform throughout a long day in the saddle, mens road bikes and womens road bikes. We stock a range of Cannondale road bikes, Specialized road bikes and including best selling models like the Specialized Allez and Trek Madone.

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EV193000-XXS-WHSVR Gloss White/Silver, XXSmall In Stock
EV193000-XS-WHSVR Gloss White/Silver, XSmall In Stock
EV193000-S-WHSVR Gloss White/Silver, Small In Stock
EV193000-M-WHSVR Gloss White/Silver, Medium In Stock
EV193000-LM-WHSVR Gloss White/Silver, Large/Medium In Stock
EV193000-L-WHSVR Gloss White/Silver, Large In Stock
EV193000-XL-WHSVR Gloss White/Silver, XLarge In Stock
EV184486-XXS-SVR Silver/Dark Grey, XXSmall In Stock
EV184486-XS-SVR Silver/Dark Grey, XSmall In Stock
EV184486-S-SVR Silver/Dark Grey, Small In Stock
EV184486-M-SVR Silver/Dark Grey, Medium In Stock
EV184486-LM-SVR Silver/Dark Grey, Medium-Large In Stock
EV184486-L-SVR Silver/Dark Grey, Large In Stock
EV184486-XL-SVR Silver/Dark Grey, XLarge In Stock
EV192311-S-GRY Matt Dark Silver, Small In Stock
EV192311-M-GRY Matt Dark Silver, Medium In Stock
EV192311-L-GRY Matt Dark Silver, Large In Stock
EV192311-XL-GRY Matt Dark Silver, XLarge In Stock
EV192310-S-BKGY Gloss Black, Small In Stock
EV192310-M-BKGY Gloss Black, Medium In Stock
EV192310-L-BKGY Gloss Black, Large In Stock
EV192310-XL-BKGY Gloss Black, XLarge In Stock
EV184487-XXS-BLK Black/Pewter, XXSmall In Stock
EV184487-XS-BLK Black/Pewter, XSmall In Stock
EV184487-S-BLK Black/Pewter, Small In Stock
EV184487-M-BLK Black/Pewter, Medium In Stock
EV184487-LM-BLK Black/Pewter, Medium-Large In Stock
EV184487-L-BLK Black/Pewter, Large In Stock
EV184487-XL-BLK Black/Pewter, XLarge In Stock
EV184488-S-GRY Anthracite/Black, Small In Stock
EV184488-M-GRY Anthracite/Black, Medium In Stock
EV184488-LM-GRY Anthracite/Black, Large/Medium In Stock
EV184488-L-GRY Anthracite/Black, Large In Stock
EV184488-XL-GRY Anthracite/Black, XLarge In Stock
EV184488-XS-GRY Anthracite/Black, XSmall Currently unavailable
EV192312-S-RED Gloss Deep Red, Small In Stock
EV192312-M-RED Gloss Deep Red, Medium In Stock
EV192312-L-RED Gloss Deep Red, Large In Stock
EV192312-XL-RED Gloss Deep Red, XLarge In Stock
EV192309-S-BLU Metallic Deep Blue, Small In Stock
EV192309-M-BLU Metallic Deep Blue, Medium In Stock
EV192309-L-BLU Metallic Deep Blue, Large In Stock
EV192309-XL-BLU Metallic Deep Blue, XLarge In Stock
EV193113-S-BLU Matt Navy Blue, Small In Stock
EV193113-M-BLU Matt Navy Blue, Medium In Stock
EV193113-L-BLU Matt Navy Blue, Large In Stock
EV193113-XL-BLU Matt Navy Blue, XLarge In Stock
EV192315-T-WHBU Gloss White, Tall In Stock
EV192315-S-WHBU Gloss White, Small In Stock
EV192315-M-WHBU Gloss White, Medium In Stock
EV192313-S-BKGY Matt Black, Small In Stock
EV192313-M-BKGY Matt Black, Medium In Stock
EV192313-L-BKGY Matt Black, Large In Stock
EV192313-XL-BKGY Matt Black, XLarge In Stock
EV192316-T-RED Gloss Deep Red, Tall In Stock
EV192316-S-RED Gloss Deep Red, Small Delivered in 10 days
EV192316-M-RED Gloss Deep Red, Medium In Stock
EV192314-T-BLU Gloss Bright Blue, Tall In Stock
EV192314-S-BLU Gloss Bright Blue, Small In Stock
EV192314-M-BLU Gloss Bright Blue, Medium In Stock
EV198697-52-SVR Silver, 52cm In stock at remote warehouse
EV198697-54-SVR Silver, 54cm In Stock
EV198697-56-SVR Silver, 56cm In stock at remote warehouse
EV198697-58-SVR Silver, 58cm In Stock
EV198697-60-SVR Silver, 60cm In stock at remote warehouse


HOY Sa Calobra .004 2013 Road Bike

HOY Sa Calobra .004 2014 Road Bike

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5.0 (4 reviews)

$1795.08 Save 10%!
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EV185698-S-GRY Anthracite/Black, Small In Stock
EV185698-L-GRY Anthracite/Black, Large Delivered in 10 days
EV185698-XL-GRY Anthracite/Black, XLarge Delivered in 10 days
EV185698-M-GRY Anthracite/Black, Medium Discontinued
EV185698-LM-GRY Anthracite/Black, Medium-Large Discontinued
EV194402-48-BKBU Black/Blue, 48cm In Stock
EV194402-53-BKBU Black/Blue, 53cm In Stock
EV194402-58-BKBU Black/Blue, 58cm In Stock
EV200698-50-BKGN Black/Green/Yellow, 50cm In stock at remote warehouse
EV200698-52-BKGN Black/Green/Yellow, 52cm In stock at remote warehouse
EV200698-54-BKGN Black/Green/Yellow, 54cm In stock at remote warehouse
EV200698-56-BKGN Black/Green/Yellow, 56cm In Stock
EV200698-58-BKGN Black/Green/Yellow, 58cm In stock at remote warehouse
EV200698-60-BKGN Black/Green/Yellow, 60cm In stock at remote warehouse
EV194512-XS-RED Gloss Red, XSmall In stock at remote warehouse
EV194512-S-RED Gloss Red, Small In Stock
EV194512-M-RED Gloss Red, Medium In stock at remote warehouse
EV194512-L-RED Gloss Red, Large In Stock
EV194512-XL-RED Gloss Red, XLarge In Stock
EV200697-50-TEAM Team Colours, 50cm In stock at remote warehouse
EV200697-52-TEAM Team Colours, 52cm In Stock
EV200697-54-TEAM Team Colours, 54cm In stock at remote warehouse
EV200697-56-TEAM Team Colours, 56cm In Stock
EV200697-58-TEAM Team Colours, 58cm In Stock
EV200697-60-TEAM Team Colours, 60cm In stock at remote warehouse
EV200693-52-TI Polished Titanium, 52cm In stock at remote warehouse
EV200693-54-TI Polished Titanium, 54cm In Stock
EV200693-56-TI Polished Titanium, 56cm In Stock
EV200693-58-TI Polished Titanium, 58cm In Stock
EV200693-60-TI Polished Titanium, 60cm In Stock
EV200691-50-CRM Cream, 50cm In Stock
EV200691-52-CRM Cream, 52cm In Stock
EV200691-54-CRM Cream, 54cm In Stock 09/05/14
EV200691-56-CRM Cream, 56cm In Stock
EV200691-58-CRM Cream, 58cm In Stock 09/05/14