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Triathlon/TT Bikes

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Swim, ride, run: a specialist triathlon bike will help you save some energy for the final gruelling phase. Aerodynamic, with a riding position which is set up to work your quad muscles, a tri bike gives your hamstrings less of a hammering before the run to the finish line. Whatever your level of competition, Evans Cycles can supply a wide range of time trial or triathlon bikes, from entry-level aero-framed models to give you enough of an edge, to the highest specification carbon fibre, electronic-shift pro-level choices. Our range includes BMC triathlon/tt bikes and Fuji triathlon bikes.

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EV203064-54-BKRD Matte Black (Red, Silver), 54cm In stock at remote warehouse
EV203064-56-BKRD Matte Black (Red, Silver), 56cm In stock at remote warehouse
EV203064-58-BKRD Matte Black (Red, Silver), 58cm In Stock
EV203064-51-BKRD Matte Black (Red, Silver), 51cm Currently unavailable
EV203064-61-BKRD Matte Black (Red, Silver), 61cm Currently unavailable
EV203063-54-BLK Matte Black (Carbon, Shadow), 54cm In Stock
EV203063-56-BLK Matte Black (Carbon, Shadow), 56cm In stock at remote warehouse
EV203063-58-BLK Matte Black (Carbon, Shadow), 58cm In stock at remote warehouse
EV203063-52-BLK Matte Black (Carbon, Shadow), 52cm Currently unavailable
EV203063-60-BLK Matte Black (Carbon, Shadow), 60cm Currently unavailable
EV203062-54-BKW Matte Carbon (White, Red), 54cm In stock at remote warehouse
EV203062-56-BKW Matte Carbon (White, Red), 56cm In stock at remote warehouse
EV203062-61-BKW Matte Carbon (White, Red), 61cm In stock at remote warehouse
EV203062-51-BKW Matte Carbon (White, Red), 51cm Currently unavailable
EV203062-58-BKW Matte Carbon (White, Red), 58cm Currently unavailable
EV203061-51-BKRD Matte Carbon (Red, Shadow), 51cm Currently unavailable
EV203061-54-BKRD Matte Carbon (Red, Shadow), 54cm Currently unavailable
EV203061-56-BKRD Matte Carbon (Red, Shadow), 56cm Currently unavailable
EV203061-58-BKRD Matte Carbon (Red, Shadow), 58cm Currently unavailable
EV203060-54-WHT Gloss White (silver, blue), 54cm In stock at remote warehouse
EV203060-56-WHT Gloss White (silver, blue), 56cm In stock at remote warehouse
EV203060-58-WHT Gloss White (silver, blue), 58cm In stock at remote warehouse
EV203060-51-WHT Gloss White (silver, blue), 51cm Currently unavailable
EV184842-48-BLK Gloss Black, 48cm In Stock