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Vocal Alloy Headset Spacer

Vocal Alloy Headset Spacer

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EV196129-10-BLK Black, 10mm In Stock
EV196129-3-BLK Black, 2.5mm In Stock
EV196129-5-BLK Black, 5mm In Stock
EV196129-10-BLU Blue, 10mm In Stock
EV196129-3-BLU Blue, 2.5mm In Stock
EV196129-5-BLU Blue, 5mm In Stock
EV196129-10-CHR Chrome, 10mm In Stock
EV196129-3-CHR Chrome, 2.5mm In Stock
EV196129-5-CHR Chrome, 5mm In Stock
EV196129-10-GRN Green, 10mm In Stock
EV196129-3-GRN Green, 2.5mm In Stock
EV196129-5-GRN Green, 5mm In Stock
EV196129-10-PUR Purple, 10mm In Stock
EV196129-3-PUR Purple, 2.5mm In Stock
EV196129-5-PUR Purple, 5mm In Stock
EV196129-10-RED Red, 10mm In Stock
EV196129-3-RED Red, 2.5mm In Stock
EV196129-5-RED Red, 5mm In Stock
EV196129-10-WHT White, 10mm In Stock
EV196129-3-WHT White, 2.5mm Currently unavailable
EV196129-5-WHT White, 5mm Currently unavailable
EV196128-NA-BLK Black In Stock
EV196128-NA-BLU Blue In Stock
EV196128-NA-GRN Green In Stock
EV196128-NA-RED Red In Stock
EV196128-NA-PUR Purple Currently unavailable

Keep your steering running smooth with the right headset. Providing the hidden magic which makes sure your bars and forks turn slickly, we have models in the two major styles; threadless, and the newer integrated headset varieties. Threadless – also known as ‘Ahead’ style – are a spin on the traditional headset, with the stem bolting directly onto the fork’s steerer. Meanwhile, the new integrated styles are even more minimalist, allowing the bearings to sit directly against the frame.

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