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EV195828-NA-BLK Black In Stock
EV195828-NA-SVR Silver In Stock

United Value Plastic Pedal

United Supreme Plastic Pedal


5.0 (8 reviews)

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119053-NA-BLK Black, 42614 In Stock

Abike Co Hamilton Plastic Pedals

ANML Hamilton Plastic Pedals


5.0 (8 reviews)

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119017-NA-BGD Black/Gold In Stock
119017-NA-GRN Green, 9/16 inch Discontinued
EV176414-NA-GRN Green, 9/16" In Stock
EV176414-NA-PUR Purple, 9/16" In Stock
EV176414-NA-RED Red, 9/16" In Stock
EV176414-NA-WHT White, 9/16" In Stock
EV176414-NA-BLK Black, 9/16" Discontinued
EV176306-L-BLK Black, Left In Stock
EV176306-R-BLK Black, Right In Stock
EV176304-18-NA 18mm In Stock
EV176304-21-NA 21mm In Stock

Duo Resilite Plastic BMX Pedal

Duo Resilite Plastic BMX Pedal

from $19.94

3.5 (3 reviews)

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EV154763-NA-BLK Black In Stock
EV154763-NA-BLU Blue In Stock
EV154763-NA-CBLU Clear Blue In Stock
EV154763-NA-GRY Grey In Stock
EV154763-NA-ORG orange In Stock
EV154763-NA-PUR Purple In Stock
EV154763-NA-RED Red In Stock
EV154763-NA-WHT White In Stock
EV154763-NA-AVC Avocado Discontinued
EV154763-NA-CLR Clear Currently unavailable

Slipping off the pedals is not what you want – the loss of control is usually followed by painfully scuffed shins. We have alloy and plastic BMX pedals with varying levels of grip and profile thickness to make sure you can find just the right feel underfoot, while more expensive models typically have replaceable pins for longevity. We have models in all different colours, including special edition finishes.