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Federal Chromo Peg

Federal Chromo Peg

$17.00 Save 40%!

4.5 (8 reviews)

Stock information

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118834-14-BLK Black, 14mm In Stock $17.00 $10.19
118834-10-BLK Black, 3/8" (10mm) In Stock $17.00 $10.19
118834-10-CHR Chrome, 10mm Discontinued

Eclat Nathan Nylon/Chromo Peg

Eclat Nathan Nylon/Chromo Peg

$26.16 Save 40%!

1.0 (1 review)

Stock information

More info on Eclat Nathan Nylon/Chromo Peg
EV185149-NA-BLK Black, Individual In Stock $26.16 $15.68

Odyssey Rifle Peg

Odyssey Alloy Rifle Peg

$31.38 Save 40%!

0.0 (0 reviews)

Stock information

More info on Odyssey Alloy Rifle Peg
EV160615-10-BLK Black, 10mm In Stock $31.38 $18.82
EV160615-14-BLK Black, 14mm In Stock $31.38 $18.82

ABike Co Butcher Peg

ANML Butcher Peg

$24.84 Save 40%!

5.0 (1 review)

Stock information

More info on ANML Butcher Peg
EV153620-NA-BLK Black In Stock $24.84 $14.90

Blank Single Peg

Blank Single Peg

$10.46 Save 40%!

4.0 (1 review)

Stock information

More info on Blank Single Peg
EV152685-14-BLU Blue, 14mm In Stock $10.46 $6.26
EV152685-10-PUR Purple, 10mm In Stock $10.46 $6.26
EV152685-10-SVR Silver, 10mm In Stock $10.46 $6.26
EV152685-14-SVR Silver, 14mm In Stock $10.46 $6.26
EV152685-14-BLK Black, 14mm Discontinued
EV152685-10-BLU Blue, 10mm Discontinued
EV152685-14-PUR Purple, 14mm Discontinued
EV152685-14-RED Red, 14mm Discontinued

Designed to take industrial levels of punishment, pegs are there to let you grind anything in your path. Coming in a variety of materials, stunt pegs are made from steel for ultimate toughness, and titanium, aluminium, and even plastic for those who are after lightness. We stock pegs in both 10mm and 14mm sizes, and for front and rear wheels.

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