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EV196107-166-BLK Black, 166 In Stock
EV196107-168-BLK Black, 168 In Stock
EV196107-184-BLK Black, 184 In Stock
EV196107-186-BLK Black, 186 In Stock
EV196107-194-BLK Black, 194 In Stock
EV196107-186-WHT White, 186 In Stock
EV196107-188-WHT White, 188 In Stock
EV196107-188-BLK Black, 188 Currently unavailable
EV196107-192-BLK Black, 192 Currently unavailable
EV196107-184-WHT White, 184 Currently unavailable

Vocal Stainless Steel Spokes

Vocal Stainless Steel Spokes


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EV196108-186-BLK Black, 186 In Stock
EV196108-194-BLK Black, 194 In Stock
EV196108-210-BLK Black, 210 In Stock
EV196108-233-BLK Black, 233 In Stock
EV196108-184-BLU Blue, 184 In Stock
EV196108-186-BLU Blue, 186 In Stock
EV196108-194-BLU Blue, 194 In Stock
EV196108-184-GLD Gold, 184 In Stock
EV196108-186-GLD Gold, 186 In Stock
EV196108-194-GLD Gold, 194 In Stock
EV196108-184-GRN Green, 184 In Stock
EV196108-186-GRN Green, 186 In Stock
EV196108-194-GRN Green, 194 In Stock
EV196108-184-PUR Purple, 184 In Stock
EV196108-186-PUR Purple, 186 In Stock
EV196108-194-PUR Purple, 194 In Stock
EV196108-184-RED Red, 184 In Stock
EV196108-186-RED Red, 186 In Stock
EV196108-194-RED Red, 194 In Stock
EV196108-184-WHT White, 184 In Stock
EV196108-186-WHT White, 186 In Stock
EV196108-188-WHT White, 188 In Stock
EV196108-170-BLK Black, 170 Currently unavailable
EV196108-180-BLK Black, 180 Currently unavailable
EV196108-182-BLK Black, 182 Currently unavailable
EV196108-184-BLK Black, 184 Currently unavailable
EV196108-188-BLK Black, 188 Currently unavailable
EV196108-194-WHT White, 194 Currently unavailable
EV196109-184-BLK Black, 184 In Stock
EV196109-186-BLK Black, 186 In Stock
EV196109-194-BLK Black, 194 In Stock
EV196109-233-BLK Black, 233 In Stock
EV196109-236-BLK Black, 236 In Stock
EV196109-184-SVR Silver, 184 In Stock
EV196109-186-SVR Silver, 186 In Stock
EV196109-192-SVR Silver, 192 In Stock
EV196109-210-SVR Silver, 210 In Stock
EV196109-194-WHT White, 194 In Stock

Lace the perfect rim to your custom wheel build. Things to think about include which features the rim needs to satisfy your need for strength. Does it need double walls, and three or more pins in the joins – or will a simpler, more svelte construction suffice? We also have spokes and nipples, to round off the package and allow you to build up the ideal BMX wheel for your riding.