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EV233046-XS-BLU Orion Blue, X Small In Stock $35.31 $17.65
EV233046-S-BLU Orion Blue, Small In Stock $35.31 $17.65
EV233046-M-BLU Orion Blue, Medium In Stock $35.31 $17.65
EV233046-L-BLU Orion Blue, Large In Stock $35.31 $17.65
EV233046-XL-BLU Orion Blue, X Large In Stock $35.31 $17.65
EV233046-XS-BLK Black, X Small In Stock $35.31 $17.65
EV233046-S-BLK Black, Small In Stock $35.31 $17.65
EV233046-M-BLK Black, Medium In Stock $35.31 $17.65
EV233046-L-BLK Black, Large In Stock $35.31 $17.65
EV233046-XS-WHT White, X Small In Stock $35.31 $17.65
EV233046-S-WHT White, Small In Stock $35.31 $17.65
EV233046-M-WHT White, Medium In Stock $35.31 $17.65
EV233046-L-WHT White, Large In Stock $35.31 $17.65
EV233042-XS-RED Red/Yellow, X Small In Stock $35.31 $17.65
EV233042-S-RED Red/Yellow, Small In Stock $35.31 $17.65
EV233042-M-RED Red/Yellow, Medium In Stock $35.31 $17.65
EV233042-L-RED Red/Yellow, Large In Stock $35.31 $17.65
EV233042-XS-BKBU Black/Orion Blue, X Small In Stock $35.31 $17.65
EV233042-S-BKBU Black/Orion Blue, Small In Stock $35.31 $17.65
EV233042-M-BKBU Black/Orion Blue, Medium In Stock $35.31 $17.65
EV233042-L-BKBU Black/Orion Blue, Large In Stock $35.31 $17.65
EV233042-XS-BURD Orion Blue/Red, X Small In Stock $35.31 $17.65
EV233042-S-BURD Orion Blue/Red, Small In Stock $35.31 $17.65
EV233042-M-BURD Orion Blue/Red, Medium In Stock $35.31 $17.65
EV233042-L-BURD Orion Blue/Red, Large In Stock $35.31 $17.65

Tour de France Logo Women's T-Shirt

Tour de France 2014 Logo Women's T-Shirt

$24.84 Save 50%!

5.0 (3 reviews)

Stock information

More info on Tour de France 2014 Logo Women's T-Shirt
EV214680-S-BLK Black, Small In Stock $24.84 $12.42
EV214680-M-BLK Black, Medium In Stock $24.84 $12.42
EV214680-L-BLK Black, Large In Stock $24.84 $12.42
EV214680-XL-BLK Black, XLarge Discontinued
EV236988-S-NAVY Navy Blue, Small In Stock $23.53 $11.76
EV236988-M-NAVY Navy Blue, Medium In Stock $23.53 $11.76
EV236988-L-NAVY Navy Blue, Large In Stock $23.53 $11.76
EV236988-XL-NAVY Navy Blue, XLarge In Stock $23.53 $11.76
EV236987-S-TURQ Turquoise Blue, Small In Stock $23.53 $11.76
EV236987-M-TURQ Turquoise Blue, Medium In Stock $23.53 $11.76
EV236987-L-TURQ Turquoise Blue, Large In Stock $23.53 $11.76
EV236987-XL-TURQ Turquoise Blue, XLarge In Stock $23.53 $11.76

Tour de France 2015 Women's Heart Graphic T-Shirt

Tour de France 2015 Women's Heart Graphic T-Shirt

$23.53 Save 50%!

5.0 (1 review)

Stock information

More info on Tour de France 2015 Women's Heart Graphic T-Shirt
EV236990-S-PNK Pink, Small In Stock $23.53 $11.76
EV236990-M-PNK Pink, Medium In Stock $23.53 $11.76
EV236990-L-PNK Pink, Large In Stock $23.53 $11.76
EV236990-XL-PNK Pink, XLarge Discontinued
EV226172-S-GRY Grey, Small In Stock $32.69
EV226172-M-GRY Grey, Medium In Stock $32.69
EV226172-XL-GRY Grey, Xlarge In Stock $32.69
EV226172-L-GRY Grey, Large Currently unavailable

Buff Diamonds Are Forever Tee

SueMe Diamonds Are Forever Tee


0.0 (0 reviews)

Stock information

More info on SueMe Diamonds Are Forever Tee
EV226173-M-BLK Black, Medium In Stock $32.69
EV226173-L-BLK Black, Large In Stock $32.69
EV226173-XL-BLK Black, Xlarge In Stock $32.69
EV226173-S-BLK Black, Small Currently unavailable
EV236989-L-BLK Black, Large In Stock $23.53 $11.76
EV236989-S-BLK Black, Small Discontinued
EV236989-M-BLK Black, Medium Discontinued
EV236989-XL-BLK Black, XLarge Discontinued

Buff Desert Sky Logo Crest Tee

SueMe Desert Sky Logo Crest Tee

$32.69 Save 50%!

0.0 (0 reviews)

Stock information

More info on SueMe Desert Sky Logo Crest Tee
EV226174-S-BRN Desert Sky, Small In Stock 02/08/15 $32.69 $16.34
EV226174-M-BRN Desert Sky, Medium In Stock $32.69 $16.34
EV226174-XL-BRN Desert Sky, Xlarge In Stock 02/08/15 $32.69 $16.34
EV226174-L-BRN Desert Sky, Large Discontinued

Not a big fan of the all-over lycra look? Cycling clothing also comes in more casual cuts and materials. These look like normal clothes, but sometimes have clever design extras and technical materials to meet your needs if you use them on a ride. We have tops, t-shirts and hoodies, and more casual shorts and trousers, for relaxing in after you’ve put in the hard miles in the saddle. We also have a range of watches. Our Team Sky range also includes casual wear.

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