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Specialized Cadet Women's Shoe

Specialized Cadet Women's Shoe


4.5 (8 reviews)

Stock information

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EV221225-36-NVB Indigo/Light Teal/White, EU 36 In stock at remote warehouse $84.51
EV221225-37-NVB Indigo/Light Teal/White, EU 37 In Stock $84.51
EV221225-38-NVB Indigo/Light Teal/White, EU 38 In Stock $84.51
EV221225-39-NVB Indigo/Light Teal/White, EU 39 In Stock $84.51
EV221225-40-NVB Indigo/Light Teal/White, EU 40 In Stock $84.51
EV221225-41-NVB Indigo/Light Teal/White, EU 41 In Stock $84.51
EV221225-42-NVB Indigo/Light Teal/White, EU 42 In Stock $84.51
EV221225-36-PNK Bright Pink/Carbon, EU 36 In stock at remote warehouse $84.51
EV221225-37-PNK Bright Pink/Carbon, EU 37 In stock at remote warehouse $84.51
EV221225-38-PNK Bright Pink/Carbon, EU 38 In Stock $84.51
EV221225-39-PNK Bright Pink/Carbon, EU 39 In Stock $84.51
EV221225-40-PNK Bright Pink/Carbon, EU 40 In Stock $84.51
EV221225-41-PNK Bright Pink/Carbon, EU 41 In Stock $84.51
EV221225-42-PNK Bright Pink/Carbon, EU 42 In stock at remote warehouse $84.51
EV195668-36-BKGN Black/Green, 36 In Stock $97.50
EV195668-37-BKGN Black/Green, 37 In Stock $97.50
EV195668-38-BKGN Black/Green, 38 In Stock $97.50
EV195668-39-BKGN Black/Green, 39 In Stock $97.50
EV195668-40-BKGN Black/Green, 40 In Stock $97.50
EV195668-41-BKGN Black/Green, 41 In Stock $97.50
EV195668-42-BKGN Black/Green, 42 In Stock $97.50

Specialized BG Tahoe Sport 2012 women's MTB Shoe

Specialized BG Tahoe Sport Women's MTB Shoe

$104.01 Save 50%!

3.5 (6 reviews)

Stock information

More info on Specialized BG Tahoe Sport Women's MTB Shoe
EV157389-37-BKBU Black/blue, 37 In Stock $104.01 $51.99
EV157389-38-BKBU Black/blue, 38 In Stock $104.01 $51.99
EV157389-36-BKBU Black/blue, 36 Discontinued
EV157389-39-BKBU Black/blue, 39 Discontinued
EV157389-40-BKBU Black/blue, 40 Discontinued
EV157389-41-BKBU Black/blue, 41 Discontinued
EV199142-36-BLK Titanium/Black, EU36 In Stock $168.99
EV199142-37-BLK Titanium/Black, EU37 In Stock $168.99
EV199142-38-BLK Titanium/Black, EU38 In Stock $168.99
EV199142-39-BLK Titanium/Black, EU39 In Stock $168.99
EV199142-40-BLK Titanium/Black, EU40 In Stock $168.99
EV199142-41-BLK Titanium/Black, EU41 In Stock $168.99
EV199142-42-BLK Titanium/Black, EU42 In Stock $168.99
EV251768-36-GNBK Hyper Green/Black, EU 36 In Stock 19/11/15 $168.99
EV251768-37-GNBK Hyper Green/Black, EU 37 In Stock 19/11/15 $168.99
EV251768-38-GNBK Hyper Green/Black, EU 38 In Stock 19/11/15 $168.99
EV251768-39-GNBK Hyper Green/Black, EU 39 In Stock 19/11/15 $168.99
EV251768-40-GNBK Hyper Green/Black, EU 40 In Stock 19/11/15 $168.99
EV251768-41-GNBK Hyper Green/Black, EU 41 In Stock 19/11/15 $168.99
EV251768-42-GNBK Hyper Green/Black, EU 42 In Stock 19/11/15 $168.99
EV251767-36-BKGY Black/Grey, EU 36 In stock at remote warehouse $168.99
EV251767-37-BKGY Black/Grey, EU 37 In stock at remote warehouse $168.99
EV251767-38-BKGY Black/Grey, EU 38 In stock at remote warehouse $168.99
EV251767-39-BKGY Black/Grey, EU 39 In stock at remote warehouse $168.99
EV251767-40-BKGY Black/Grey, EU 40 In stock at remote warehouse $168.99
EV251767-41-BKGY Black/Grey, EU 41 In stock at remote warehouse $168.99
EV251767-42-BKGY Black/Grey, EU 42 In stock at remote warehouse $168.99
EV251766-36-WHBK White/Black, EU 36 In Stock 03/09/15 $324.99
EV251766-37-WHBK White/Black, EU 37 In Stock 03/09/15 $324.99
EV251766-38-WHBK White/Black, EU 38 In Stock 03/09/15 $324.99
EV251766-39-WHBK White/Black, EU 39 In Stock 03/09/15 $324.99
EV251766-40-WHBK White/Black, EU 40 In Stock 03/09/15 $324.99
EV251766-41-WHBK White/Black, EU 41 In Stock 03/09/15 $324.99
EV251766-42-WHBK White/Black, EU 42 In Stock 03/09/15 $324.99

Ramp up the quality and efficiency of your ride with a pair of cycling shoes. There’s something out there to suit every kind of discipline from a range of bestselling brands such as Specialized and Shimano. Many shoes are designed to work with clipless pedals and will take a cleat to lock you on to the bike – making sure that all that legwork you’re putting in transfers down the cranks and propels you forward. Mountain bike shoes are designed for high performance and security while in the saddle and for grip when you get off, while road shoes feature a stiffer sole and light weight. Urban commuters should check out our winter pairs for superior protection against the rain and wind. Want to try a triathlon? Triathlon shoes feature large ankle pulls and single straps so your transitions won’t let you down.

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