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Soft Shell Jerseys & Jackets

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Gore Bike Wear
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EV174527-38-BKGN Black/Apple Green, 38 In Stock
EV174527-34-BKW Black/White, 34 In Stock
EV174527-36-BKW Black/White, 36 In Stock
EV174527-38-BKW Black/White, 38 In Stock
EV174527-40-BKW Black/White, 40 In Stock
EV174527-42-BKW Black/White, 42 In Stock
EV174527-34-YLBK Neon Yellow/Black, 34 In Stock 07/09/14
EV174527-36-YLBK Neon Yellow/Black, 36 In Stock
EV174527-38-YLBK Neon Yellow/Black, 38 In Stock
EV174527-40-YLBK Neon Yellow/Black, 40 In Stock
EV174527-42-YLBK Neon Yellow/Black, 42 In Stock
EV174527-36-RDW Rich Red/White, 36 In Stock
EV174527-38-RDW Rich Red/White, 38 In Stock
EV174527-42-RDW Rich Red/White, 42 In Stock
EV174527-34-WHBK White/Black, 34 In Stock
EV174527-36-WHBK White/Black, 36 In Stock
EV174527-38-WHBK White/Black, 38 In Stock
EV174527-40-WHBK White/Black, 40 In Stock
EV174527-42-WHBK White/Black, 42 In Stock
EV174527-40-BKGN Black/Apple Green, 40 Discontinued
EV174527-36-GNBK Green Tea/Black, 36 Discontinued
EV174527-38-GNBK Green Tea/Black, 38 Discontinued
EV174527-40-GNBK Green Tea/Black, 40 Discontinued
EV174527-36-BKPK Hot Pink/Black, 36 Discontinued
EV174527-36-RDBK Red/Black, 36 Discontinued
EV174527-34-RDW Rich Red/White, 34 Discontinued
EV174527-40-RDW Rich Red/White, 40 Discontinued
EV174527-36-BLU Waterfall Blue/Black, 36 Discontinued
EV174527-40-BLU Waterfall Blue/Black, 40 Discontinued
EV174527-34-BURD Waterfall Blue/Rich Red, 34 Discontinued
EV174527-36-BURD Waterfall Blue/Rich Red, 36 Discontinued
EV174527-38-BURD Waterfall Blue/Rich Red, 38 Discontinued
EV174527-40-BURD Waterfall Blue/Rich Red, 40 Discontinued
EV174527-42-BURD Waterfall Blue/Rich Red, 42 Discontinued
EV174527-44-WHBK White/Black, 44 Discontinued

Gore Bike Wear Power 2.0 Windstopper Soft Shell Lady Women's Jacket

Gore Bike Wear Power 2.0 Windstopper Soft Shell Lady Women's Jacket

from $179.53
$199.49 Save 10%!

5.0 (3 reviews)

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More info on Gore Bike Wear Power 2.0 Windstopper Soft Shell Lady Women's Jacket
EV196273-36-BKGY Black/Graphite Grey, 36 In Stock
EV196273-38-BKGY Black/Graphite Grey, 38 In Stock 07/09/14
EV196273-40-BKGY Black/Graphite Grey, 40 In Stock
EV196273-42-BKGY Black/Graphite Grey, 42 In Stock 07/09/14
EV196273-38-RDW Rich Red/White, 38 In Stock
EV196273-40-RDW Rich Red/White, 40 In Stock
EV196273-42-RDW Rich Red/White, 42 In Stock
EV196273-38-BURD Waterfall Blue/Rich Red, 38 In Stock
EV196273-40-BURD Waterfall Blue/Rich Red, 40 In Stock
EV196273-42-BURD Waterfall Blue/Rich Red, 42 In Stock
EV196273-44-BURD Waterfall Blue/Rich Red, 44 In Stock
EV196273-38-WHGY White/Graphite Grey, 38 In Stock
EV196273-40-WHGY White/Graphite Grey, 40 In Stock
EV196273-34-BKGY Black/Graphite Grey, 34 Currently unavailable
EV145687-42-PNK Thai Pink/Black, 42 In Stock
EV145687-34-PUR Plum Blue/Black, 34 In Stock
EV145687-36-PUR Plum Blue/Black, 36 In Stock
EV145687-38-PUR Plum Blue/Black, 38 In Stock
EV145687-40-PUR Plum Blue/Black, 40 In Stock
EV145687-40-BKW Black/White, 40 Discontinued
EV145687-36-GRN Varsity Green/Alu Grey, 36 Discontinued
EV145687-38-GRN Varsity Green/Alu Grey, 38 Discontinued
EV145687-38-PNK Thai Pink/Black, 38 Discontinued
EV145687-40-PNK Thai Pink/Black, 40 Discontinued
EV145687-40-RED Rich Red/Black, 40 Discontinued
EV145687-34-YLW Yellow, 34 Discontinued
EV174559-36-NAVY Navy Blue, 36 In Stock
EV174559-40-FUS Fuchsia, 40 Discontinued
EV174559-38-NAVY Navy Blue, 38 Discontinued
EV174559-40-NAVY Navy Blue, 40 Discontinued
EV174515-40-BKPK Black/Pink, Large In Stock
EV174515-36-BKGY Black/Grey, Small Discontinued

Soft Shell Jackets are an excellent mid-weight option for cooler Spring and Autumn days in the saddle, or on showery days. More windproof and water resistant than a fleece or jersey, but more breathable, softer and more flexible than a full waterproof, soft shells are the best choice on uncertain days. We carry Soft Shell jackets from all the top brands including Endura, Gore Bike Wear and Pearl Izumi.