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Team Kit

EV186983-NA-BLK In Stock $39.25
EV233117-NA-BLK Black/Blue Stripe, One Size In Stock $58.86
EV244752-XL-BLU Blue, XLarge In Stock $98.11
EV244752-XXL-BLU Blue, XXLarge In Stock $98.11
EV244752-S-BLU Blue, Small Discontinued
EV244752-M-BLU Blue, Medium Discontinued
EV244752-L-BLU Blue, Large Discontinued
EV206640-NA-BLK Black/Sky Blue Reversible, One Size In Stock $45.80
EV241837-S-GRY Grey, Small In Stock $39.23
EV241837-M-GRY Grey, Medium In Stock $39.23
EV241837-L-GRY Grey, Large In Stock $39.23
EV241837-XL-GRY Grey, XLarge In Stock $39.23
EV241837-XXL-GRY Grey, XXLarge In Stock $39.23
EV241837-XS-GRY Grey, XSmall Discontinued
EV241839-XS-BLK Dark Grey, XSmall In Stock $39.23
EV241839-S-BLK Dark Grey, Small In Stock $39.23
EV241839-L-BLK Dark Grey, Large In Stock $39.23
EV241839-XL-BLK Dark Grey, XLarge In Stock $39.23
EV241839-XXL-BLK Dark Grey, XXLarge In Stock $39.23
EV241839-M-BLK Dark Grey, Medium Discontinued
EV233115-XS-BLK Black, XSmall In Stock $209.33
EV233115-S-BLK Black, Small In Stock $209.33
EV233115-M-BLK Black, Medium In Stock $209.33
EV233115-L-BLK Black, Large In Stock $209.33
EV233115-XL-BLK Black, XLarge In Stock $209.33
EV233115-XXL-BLK Black, XXLarge In Stock $209.33
EV233121-XS-BLU Blue, XSmall In Stock $52.33
EV233121-S-BLU Blue, Small Discontinued
EV233121-M-BLU Blue, Medium Discontinued
EV233121-L-BLU Blue, Large Discontinued
EV233121-XL-BLU Blue, XLarge Discontinued
EV233121-XXL-BLU Blue, XXLarge Discontinued

Team Sky 2014 Winter Hat by Rapha

Team Sky Winter Hat by Rapha


5.0 (1 review)

Stock information

More info on Team Sky Winter Hat by Rapha
EV206641-NA-BLK Black, One Size In Stock $52.33
EV233116-NA-BLK Black, One Size In Stock $26.16
EV233102-XS-BLK Black, XSmall In Stock $65.41
EV233102-S-BLK Black, Small Discontinued
EV233102-M-BLK Black, Medium Discontinued
EV233102-L-BLK Black, Large Discontinued
EV233102-XL-BLK Black, XLarge Discontinued
EV206637-NA-BLK Black, One Size In Stock $39.25
EV233114-S-BLU Blue, Small In Stock 12/09/15 $104.66
EV233114-XXL-BLU Blue, XXLarge In Stock $104.66
EV233114-M-BLU Blue, Medium Discontinued
EV233114-L-BLU Blue, Large Discontinued
EV233114-XL-BLU Blue, XLarge Discontinued
EV233119-M-MULTI Multicolour, Medium In Stock $130.83
EV233119-L-MULTI Multicolour, Large In Stock $130.83
EV233119-XL-MULTI Multicolour, XLarge In Stock $130.83
EV233119-XXL-MULTI Multicolour, XXLarge In Stock $130.83
EV233119-S-MULTI Multicolour, Small Discontinued
EV241838-XS-NVB Navy, XSmall In Stock $39.23
EV241838-S-NVB Navy, Small Discontinued
EV241838-M-NVB Navy, Medium Discontinued
EV241838-L-NVB Navy, Large Discontinued
EV241838-XL-NVB Navy, XLarge Discontinued
EV241838-XXL-NVB Navy, XXLarge Discontinued
EV233122-NA-BLK Black, One Size In Stock $176.62

Get a great gift for the cycling enthusiast in your life – or just buy a fantastic present for yourself with some team replica kit. Complete the look with jerseys, shorts, and even socks to follow in the style of your favourite riders and teams. Produced by Rapha and designed for superior style and performance, the official range of Team Sky kit includes jerseys, shorts, jackets and more. We stock Pro Team Kit, Replica Kit and Supporter Kit.

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