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Build your perfect bike by choosing just the backbone of the frame, then hanging your own wish-list of parts from it. We stock a broad range of mountain, road, Cyclocross and triathlon frames in the full spectrum of materials, such as steel, aluminium, titanium, and carbon – meaning whatever discipline you are into, you’ll be covered. For mountain bikes, choose between hardtails – ideal for a cross-country or no-nonsense trail bike, when fitted with suspension forks – and full suspension, which will give you more traction and control, but also be a bit heftier when out on the trail. In addition, we stock jump bike frames – designed to take serious abuse – for those who just want some high adrenaline kicks at the jump spot. Of course, we also have road frames in a variety of materials – including carbon for the serious rider – from top brands like Specialized, Trek and Bianchi, and Cyclocross frames – a perfect companion for commuters who want a versatile ride. We also stock triathlon frames, for those who want all-out speed and aerodynamic slipperiness.

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EV190453-XS-IRR Titanium, XSmall In Stock
EV190453-M-IRR Titanium, Medium In Stock
EV190453-ML-IRR Titanium, Medium/Large In Stock
EV190453-L-IRR Titanium, Large In Stock 28/05/14
EV190453-S-IRR Titanium, Small Discontinued
EV190453-XL-IRR Titanium, XLarge Discontinued
EV190452-XS-IRR Titanium, XSmall In Stock 28/05/14
EV190452-S-IRR Titanium, Small In Stock
EV190452-M-IRR Titanium, Medium In Stock
EV190452-ML-IRR Titanium, Medium/Large In Stock 28/05/14
EV190452-L-IRR Titanium, Large In Stock
EV185977-52-RED Red, 52cm In Stock


Pinnacle Evaporite 2 2012 Road Bike Frame

Pinnacle Evaporite 2 2012 Road Bike Frame

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EV177369-S-CARB Carbon, Small In Stock
EV177370-M-CARB Carbon, Medium In Stock
EV177372-XL-CARB Carbon, XLarge In Stock
EV177371-L-CARB Carbon, Large Discontinued
EV177376-XL-CARB Carbon, XLarge In Stock
EV185974-XL-BKYL Black/Yellow, X- Large In Stock
EV185974-S-BKYL Black/Yellow, Small Discontinued
EV190451-S-IRR Titanium, Small In Stock
EV190451-M-IRR Titanium, Medium In Stock 28/05/14
EV190451-ML-IRR Titanium, Medium/Large In Stock 28/05/14
EV190451-L-IRR Titanium, Large In Stock
EV190451-XL-IRR Titanium, XLarge In Stock 28/05/14
EV190451-XS-IRR Titanium, XSmall Discontinued
EV187373-S-RED Gloss Red, 42cm In Stock
EV187373-M-RED Gloss Red, 45cm In Stock
EV187373-T-RED Gloss Red, 48cm In Stock
EV187374-XL-ORG Matte Orange, 56cm In Stock
EV187374-S-ORG Matte Orange, 47cm Discontinued
EV187374-L-ORG Matte Orange, 53cm Discontinued