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Upgrading your seatpost is often a simple way to lose weight from your bike without compromising performance – particularly if you splash out on a carbon version. Mountain bike seatposts – which can take a beating out on the trail – are often constructed from aluminium for strength, though we also sell carbon models, which can soak up vibration. If you need more cushioning or adjustability, there are also suspension seatposts, and remotely adjustable versions – also known as ‘droppers’ – which offer versatility. Meanwhile, choosing between an in-line post, and one with layback, can be a quick way to subtly change the riding position. Typically shorter, roadie seatposts are a simple affair, and are often made out of carbon for ultimate weight saving. We also have seatpost clamps, quick releases, shims and spares.


DMR Tilt Seatpost

DMR Tilt Seatpost

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EV166768-254-BLK Black, 25.4mm, 200mm In Stock
EV166768-268-BLK Black, 26.8mm, 200mm In Stock
EV166768-254-BLU Blue, 25.4mm, 200mm In Stock
EV166768-268-BLU Blue, 26.8mm, 200mm In Stock
EV166768-254-GRN Green, 25.4mm, 200mm In Stock
EV166768-268-GRN Green, 26.8mm, 200mm In Stock
EV166768-254-GRY Grey, 25.4mm, 200mm In Stock
EV166768-268-GRY Grey, 26.8mm, 200mm In Stock
EV166768-254-PPK Purple, 25.4mm, 200mm In Stock
EV166768-268-PPK Purple, 26.8mm, 200mm In Stock
EV166768-272-PPK Purple, 27.2mm, 200mm In Stock
EV166768-268-RED Red, 26.8mm, 200mm In Stock
EV166768-272-BLK Black, 27.2mm, 200mm Currently unavailable
EV166768-272-BLU Blue, 27.2mm, 200mm Currently unavailable
EV166768-272-GRN Green, 27.2mm, 200mm Currently unavailable
EV166768-272-GRY Grey, 27.2mm, 200mm Currently unavailable
EV166768-254-RED Red, 25.4mm, 200mm Currently unavailable
EV166784-268-BLK Black, 26.8mm Currently unavailable
EV166784-272-BLK Black, 27.2mm Currently unavailable