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Bern Nina Kids Helmet

Bern Nina Kids Helmet

from $47.86
$68.38 Save 30%!

5.0 (16 reviews)

Stock information

More info on Bern Nina Kids Helmet
EV140237-XSS-LAV Satin Purple Leopard, XSmall/Small (48cm-51.5cm) In Stock
EV140237-SM-LAV Satin Purple Leopard, Small/Medium (51.5cm-54.5cm) In Stock
EV140237-XSS-CAM Satin Pink Camo, XSmall/Small (48cm-51.5cm) In Stock
EV140237-SM-CAM Satin Pink Camo, Small/Medium (51.5cm-54.5cm) In Stock
EV140236-XS-GRY Matte Grey/Blue Cyclehawk Wings, XSmall/Small, 48-51.5 cm, Nino In Stock
EV140237-XS-PNK Matte Magenta/White Peak, XSmall/Small, 48-51.5 cm, Nina In Stock
EV140237-S-PNK Matte Magenta/White Peak, Small/Medium, 51.5-54.5 cm, Nina In Stock
EV140237-SM-PNK Satin Pink Camo, Small/Medium (51.5cm-54.5cm) Discontinued
EV140236-S-GRY Matte Grey/Blue Cyclehawk Wings, Small/Medium, 51.5-54.5 cm, Nino Discontinued
EV140237-XS-WHPU White/Purple, XSmall/Small, 48-51.5 cm, Nina Discontinued

Bern Bandita Junior Helmet

Bern Bandita Junior Helmet


4.0 (4 reviews)

Stock information

More info on Bern Bandita Junior Helmet
EV185500-S-MTWHT Matte White, Small/Medium 51.5-54.5 cm In Stock
EV185500-M-MTWHT Matte White, Medium/Large 53-56 cm In Stock
EV185500-M-PUR Purple, Medium/Large 53-56 cm In Stock
EV185500-XSS-GRWH Satin Sea Foam, XSmall/Small (51.5-54.5cm) In Stock
EV185500-ML-GRWH Satin Sea Foam, Medium/Large (53cm-56cm) In Stock
EV185500-XSS-BLK Satin Black, XSmall/Small (51.5-54.5cm) In Stock
EV185500-M-BLU Blue, Medium/Large 53-56 cm Discontinued
EV185500-S-PUR Purple, Small/Medium 51.5-54.5 cm Currently unavailable
EV205237-XSS-NVB Satin Midnight, XSmall/Small (52cm-55.5cm) In Stock
EV205237-XSS-WHT Satin White, XSmall/Small (52cm-55.5cm) In Stock
EV205237-ML-WHT Satin White, Medium/Large (55.5cm-57cm) In Stock
EV205237-XSS-TURQ Matte Turquoise, XSmall/Small (52cm-55.5cm) In Stock
EV205237-ML-TURQ Matte Turquoise, Medium/Large (55.5cm-57cm) In Stock
EV205237-XSS-BLK Satin Black, XSmall/Small (52cm-55.5cm) Currently unavailable
EV205237-ML-BLK Satin Black, Medium/Large (55.5cm-57cm) Currently unavailable
EV205237-ML-NVB Satin Midnight, Medium/Large (55.5cm-57cm) Currently unavailable
EV205236-XSS-WHT Satin White/Purple Peak, XSmall/Small (52cm-55.5cm) In Stock
EV205236-ML-WHT Satin White/Purple Peak, Medium/Large (55.5cm-57cm) In Stock
EV205236-ML-BLK Satin Black, Medium/Large (55.5cm-57cm) In Stock
EV205236-XSS-GRY Matte Grey/Purple Peak, XSmall/Small (52cm-55.5cm) In Stock
EV205236-XSS-PUR Matte Purple/White Peak, XSmall/Small (52cm-55.5cm) In Stock
EV205236-ML-PUR Matte Purple/White Peak, Medium/Large (55.5cm-57cm) In Stock
EV205236-XSS-BLK Satin Black, XSmall/Small (52cm-55.5cm) Currently unavailable
EV205236-ML-GRY Matte Grey/Purple Peak, Medium/Large (55.5cm-57cm) Currently unavailable

Bern Berkeley Women's Helmet

Bern 2013 Berkeley Women's Helmet

$111.13 Save 46%!

4.5 (22 reviews)

Stock information

More info on Bern 2013 Berkeley Women's Helmet
121399-XS-BLU Matte Cyan, XSmall, 52-53.5 cm In Stock
121399-XS-PPK Gloss White/Grey/Purple Bomber, XSmall, 52-53.5 cm In Stock
121399-S-BLU Matte Cyan, Small, 54-55.5 cm Discontinued
121399-L-BLU Matte Cyan, Large, 57-59 cm Discontinued
121399-M-BLK Gloss Black, Medium, 55.5-57 cm Discontinued
121399-XS-PUR Matte Purple, XSmall, 52-53.5 cm Discontinued
121399-XS-WHT Gloss White, XSmall, 52-53.5 cm Discontinued
121399-S-WHT Gloss White, Small, 54-55.5 cm Discontinued
121399-M-WHT Gloss White, Medium, 55.5-57 cm Discontinued
121399-M-PPK Gloss White/Grey/Purple Bomber, Medium, 55.5-57 cm Discontinued
121399-L-PPK Gloss White/Grey/Purple Bomber, Large, 57-59 cm Discontinued

On or off-road, you need to protect your head. We have lightweight and comfortable helmets in a variety of styles and colours designed specifically for men, in smaller fits for women, and – to make sure they get into good habits early on – for children as well. If you need specialist protection for BMX, jump or downhill racing, then we also have full-face helmets designed for maximum coverage and protection.