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Triathlon Shorts

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Triathlon shorts are made with a slightly thinner chamois so you can wear them for your swim and run, too. We’ve got shorts for every triathlete in loads of different styles, whatever your preference. Choosing the correct gender specific options will help to make sure your more comfortable, and we’ve got mens and womens shorts from a great range of the very best brands such as Louis Garneau and Pearl Izumi.

EV208223-S-BLK Black, Small In Stock
EV208223-M-BLK Black, Medium In Stock
EV208223-L-BLK Black, Large In Stock
EV208223-XL-BLK Black, XLarge In Stock
EV208217-S-BLK Black, Small In Stock
EV208217-M-BLK Black, Medium In Stock
EV208217-L-BLK Black, Large In Stock
EV208217-XL-BLK Black, XLarge In Stock
EV144624-S-BLK Black, Small In Stock
EV144624-M-BLK Black, Medium In Stock
EV144624-L-BLK Black, Large In Stock
EV144624-XL-BLK Black, XLarge In Stock
EV144624-XXL-BLK Black, XXLarge In Stock
EV203862-M-BKW Black/White, Medium In Stock
EV203862-L-BKW Black/White, Large In Stock
EV203862-XL-BKW Black/White, XLarge In Stock
EV203862-S-BKW Black/White, Small Currently unavailable
EV203857-S-WHBK Black/Red, Small In Stock
EV203857-L-WHBK Black/Red, Large In Stock
EV203857-S-BKYL Black/Yellow Fluo, Small In Stock
EV203857-M-BKYL Black/Yellow Fluo, Medium In Stock
EV203857-XL-BKYL Black/Yellow Fluo, XLarge In Stock
EV203857-M-WHBK Black/Red, Medium Currently unavailable
EV203857-XL-WHBK Black/Red, XLarge Currently unavailable
EV203857-L-BKYL Black/Yellow Fluo, Large Currently unavailable

Zone3 Aquaflo Tri Shorts

Zone3 Aquaflo Tri Shorts

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EV183934-S-BLK Black, Small In Stock
EV183934-M-BLK Black, Medium In Stock
EV183934-L-BLK Black, Large In Stock
EV183934-XL-BLK Black, XLarge In Stock
EV183934-S-BUGY Blue/Grey, Small In Stock
EV183934-M-BUGY Blue/Grey, Medium In Stock
EV183934-L-BUGY Blue/Grey, Large In Stock
EV183923-S-BKW Black/Grey/Red, Small In Stock
EV183923-M-BKW Black/Grey/Red, Medium In Stock
EV183923-L-BKW Black/Grey/Red, Large In Stock
EV183923-XL-BKW Black/Grey/Red, XLarge In Stock
EV183923-XS-BKW Black/Grey/Red, XSmall Currently unavailable
EV208073-S-BLK Black/Black, Small In Stock
EV208073-M-BLK Black/Black, Medium In Stock
EV208073-L-BLK Black/Black, Large In Stock
EV208073-XL-BLK Black/Black, XLarge In Stock
EV208073-S-BKRD Black/Neon Red, Small In Stock
EV208073-M-BKRD Black/Neon Red, Medium In Stock
EV208073-L-BKRD Black/Neon Red, Large In Stock
EV208073-XL-BKRD Black/Neon Red, XLarge In Stock
EV208070-S-BLK Black/Black, Small In Stock
EV208070-M-BLK Black/Black, Medium In Stock
EV208070-L-BLK Black/Black, Large In Stock
EV208070-XL-BLK Black/Black, XLarge In Stock
EV208068-S-BLK Black/Black, Small In Stock
EV208068-M-BLK Black/Black, Medium In Stock
EV208068-L-BLK Black/Black, Large In Stock
EV208068-XL-BLK Black/Black, XLarge In Stock
EV204890-XS-BKGY Black/Grey, XSmall In Stock
EV204890-S-BKGY Black/Grey, Small In Stock
EV204890-M-BKGY Black/Grey, Medium In Stock
EV204890-L-BKGY Black/Grey, Large In Stock
EV204890-XL-BKGY Black/Grey, XLarge In Stock
EV204890-XXL-BKGY Black/Grey, XXLarge In Stock