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A good wetsuit helps make you more buoyant in the water and can improve your swim. Made from neoprene, triathlon wetsuits are very different to those worn for other water sports. Your wetsuit needs to fit just right; it shouldn’t let any water in or have any wrinkles or air pockets. We’ve got options from the leading brands such as Orca and 2XU to make sure you have plenty of choice, and you can order one in to a store to try it on, and check it fits you just like a second skin.

EV187489-XS-BLK Black/Turquoise, XSmall In Stock 22/04/14
EV187489-S-BLK Black/Turquoise, Small In Stock 22/04/14
EV187489-M-BLK Black/Turquoise, Medium In Stock
EV204872-XS-BKBU Black/Light Blue, XSmall In Stock
EV204872-S-BKBU Black/Light Blue, Small In Stock
EV204872-SM-BKBU Black/Light Blue, Small/Medium In Stock
EV204872-M-BKBU Black/Light Blue, Medium In Stock
EV204872-L-BKBU Black/Light Blue, Large In Stock
EV204872-XL-BKBU Black/Light Blue, XLarge In Stock
EV204874-S-BKSVR Black/Gold/Silver, Small In Stock
EV204874-M-BKSVR Black/Gold/Silver, Medium In Stock
EV204871-S-BKBU Black/Blue/Pink, Small In Stock
EV204871-ST-BKBU Black/Blue/Pink, Small/Tall In Stock
EV204871-M-BKBU Black/Blue/Pink, Medium In Stock
EV204871-L-BKBU Black/Blue/Pink, Large In Stock
EV204870-S-BLKPUR Black/Purple, Small In Stock
EV204870-SM-BLKPUR Black/Purple, Small/Medium In Stock 21/04/14
EV204870-ST-BLKPUR Black/Purple, Small/Tall In Stock
EV204870-M-BLKPUR Black/Purple, Medium In Stock
EV204870-L-BLKPUR Black/Purple, Large In Stock
EV204869-S-BLKPUR Black/Purple/Silver, Small In Stock 21/04/14
EV204869-M-BLKPUR Black/Purple/Silver, Medium In Stock