Cannock 13 Ride It

Rider Times

You can download the rider times for the Cannock Chase Ride It! event using the links below, well done to everyone who came and rode with us over the weekend.

MTB Rider Times

Sportive Rider Times

Update 18/10/13

We’ve been out in the glourious Staffordshire countryside in the sunshine, everything crossed for the weekend. Please read the below as there are important pointers to help you have a great day.

PLEASE BRING YOUR HELMET TO REGISTRATION. You will not be able to register without it and you’ll have to go back to your car to retrieve it.

The Sportive is sold out. There are no pre-entries, on the day entries or reserve lists. If you don’t have an entry, please respect this and for the safety and enjoyment of those who do have an entry, don’t turn up on the day. .


The venue is Tackeroo campsite. It is not where the postcode takes you, which is just down the road, or at the visitor centre. Please see this Map for detailed instructions.

As it is a campsite, there are no buildings on site. Our event centre is a group of pop up marquees so there is not a huge amount of space if the weather is bad. Please note, we will NOT be registering before 8am or starting setting you off until 8.30am so if it is bad it’s probably best to sit in your car rather than stand in the rain.

You will have to drive past the registration tents to get to the parking area – please keep your speed down!!! There will be hundreds of cyclists wandering on site……..


Please drive past registration and follow the marshals. The first arrivees have a concrete strip to park on, everyone else can park around the perimeter of the road.


At the tents on your right as you head to parking


There are are Portable Toilets on site. I will try and organise a changing tent if at all possible.


Before I go any further I would like to point out that THIS IS NOT A RACE. You will not be given a rank and all times will be displayed in a non-sortable format in rider number order. Please help us to continue running a popular friendly event by not riding in such a way to obstruct the road and upset other users. Stop at junctions and traffic lights, and obey the highway code. Do not ride at silly speeds around blind bends or on steep descents. We do not insure you for your actions so if you do hit a car or pedestrian YOU will be responsible for any damages caused by your riding.



I expect there to be a some walkers around so please be courteous to them all, remember they want to enjoy the countryside too and not get constantly buzzed by bikers!!


There are some diseased spores on Cannock Chase. This has meant that we have had to change our routes at the request of Natural England and has resulted in the loss of some areas to cycle in. As a result of this we have upped the Short route to 18miles, the Medium to 25 and dropped the long ( which was 28miles, so it’s only 3 miles less) If you were on the long and wish to do more, we will leave the second loop open as long as we can, or there are man made trails available from the visitor centre down the road.

Please help us stop the spread of these spores by keeping to the bridleways/route and not riding in the vegitation. Keep to singlefile in the narrow sections.

Horses  If you meet ANY horses on the trails and you are approaching from behind please call out “Hello” some distance back to indicate you are approaching. Wait for the rider to ackowledge you and pass slow and wide. If you are asked to wait or it’s obviously not safe to do so, please wait until you are told it’s ok to pass. Please also be aware that there might be horses coming up the trail and keep your speed under control. This way we can all enjoy the sunshine and countryside. Remember, if you spook the horse it might hurt you or other people and you are responsible for you actions and the consequences!!

Please also close all gates you might come across.

Bike Wash.

We have just been informed that we no longer have permission to wash bikes on site. I haven’t been able find a way around this so unfornately you will have to take your bikes home dirty. Or pop down to the visitor centre where there is a bike wash outside Swinerton Cycles. Sorry.


Short – 18miles elevation 2000ft, drink station 10miles

Medium – 25miles, elavation 2500ft, Drink stations at 10 and 18miles


We had a great day putting out the course, but I’m not sure it’s going to last until the weekend….. The roads are in ok condition but, like the rest of the country, they are prone to pot holes. Please keep your eye out for them and if you are travelling in a group, please shout out warnings to those behind. Make sure you have the ability to change a couple of punctures, especially if you are running  lightweight skinny tyres. We use small lanes, so keep your speed down and be aware that there might be cars around that bend. On larger roads please keep to single file unless it’s safe to do so.

Distances are approx.

Short -33miles  Elevation 1900ft

Medium -56miles Elevation 3200ft

Long -86miles Elevation 4800ft

Drink stations are approximately at:-

Short, – 20miles

Medium – 24 and 42miles

Long – 24, 52 and 71miles

Long loop cut off – 12pm (24miles in)

Event centre closes at 5pm – Gate will be locked.


This is not a race!!

Please obey the highway code, stop at junctions and only ride two abreast where it is safe to do so – not on main roads or winding country lanes where cars travelling at speed will not be able to see you and stop!!!! If you cause and accident, you are responsible for the consequences and any costs. Horses.  If there are any horses on the road, please slow down and shout out “Hello” with good warning – then wait until you are told it is safe to pass.




GPX files

Everyone who has pre-entered will receive a pre-event mail on Thursday afternoon around 6pm that has links to the GPX files and a guide to show you have to view them interactively. If you have not received this by 7pm tonight please check you junk folder, old accounts, your partners email if they booked and make sure you check the address you booked with! These are all common causes for not getting the mail. If you still don’t have them then email me on I’ll check your entry and send you a copy. I have to change the MTB routes so there will be a delay in getting these produced, they should be available tomorrow.

See you all there!





Steve Harrison 21/10/2013

Thanks for another excellent event, good signage and route (apart from one very muddy lane on the medium route!).

Jimmy Naudi 21/10/2013

Hi Dean,
Just looked at the rider times and it’s bringing up the Brighton event timings both in the MTB and the Sportive.

Tim 21/10/2013

Any chance you could post the Cannock times? the link is for sometime in August?!

Malcolm Richardson 21/10/2013

Looks like the Brighton ride times have been linked to this weekends events at Cannock! Can the real Cannock times be linked, please?

Mark 21/10/2013

Sorry, that’s my fault, should be fixed with the right links now.


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