Gatwick 14 Ride It

Hi all,

Well done for coming along this weekend, not the most ideal riding conditions but we hope you enjoyed it!

Your times are available using the following links:

Saturday Sportive

Sunday Sportive

If you need us to look at or change your time, please email Mike at the address shown on top of the times pages.

Many thanks

The RideIt! Team



Weather Update SATURDAY.

I’ve been out checking the course and have decided on a course of action!! It’s been raining most of the night onto soaked ground which means there’s quite a lot of water on some of the roads, and there’s a bit of gravel in places too. It’s nothing that can’t be ridden sensibly ( i.e. not at full speed ) If that was the only issue I’d say let’s run the whole course, but then you have to factor in the wind……… I know some of you are hardy and will see this as a challenge and some will prefer not to ride. With this is mind I have come up with 3 options.

1. We are going to run a Fun/Short (32mile) / Medium (50mile) course. The long loop will be ridden instead of the second Medium.

2. We will transfer your ride to Sunday. If you choose to do this please just come along on Sunday and say that you booked for Saturday and we’ll do the rest.

3. If you do not show up on Saturday we will mail you on Monday/Tuesday to arrange a refund or transfer.

Thanks Dean


Hi All

Welcome to the Evans Gatwick Ride It hosted at our Head Office.

As this is a double Sportive weekend, we haven’t put out the routes today as they’ll go out tomorrow. This means we haven’t checked the routes to make sure they are all still OK. So all GPX files and routes are provisional until Friday night when I will post up here and Facebook if there are any changes.

So, onto the important info:-


Please BRING YOUR HELMET TO REGISTRATION You will not be allowed to register without one and will have to return to your car.


Looking  at the forecast for the coming days I think it’s a fair bet that it’s going to be wet. Please make sure you have adequate clothing and it’d be  a good idea to have some lights so you can be seen on the roads.

Event Centre

This is situated in our Head office in James Watt Way. Follow signs to registration which will be in the right hand unit as you approach – enter via the door between the units. There are staff working on site in these units, please do not enter any areas that have “Staff Only” written on them as they are off limits  and would normally be unavailable to the general public. There is a staff canteen that you are allowed to use during the event, again this will be open to staff as well. All food/tea/items in the fridge are the Personal Property of staff. DO NOT help yourselves to cups/milk/tea/sugar etc as you will be eating someone’s lunch. Unbelievably, this happened last year!!



There are loos in the front of both units and portaloos in between the units. If you are queuing it might be worth checking out the other loos

Arriving by train?

Follow these directions to avoid riding down the dual carriageway. Directions


There is limited parking on site and there is a 6ft height restriction on it, so no cars with roof mounted racks……. Once this is full we will direct you to the nearest parking area with Marshals. Please do not park where you are not directed as it can cause issues with companies working over the weekend ( if you have done King of the Downs with us – there is NO parking in the industrial estate next door!) If we do fill all the local spaces we have arranged overflow parking at the “Beehive” which is the original Gatwick airport terminal. It’s card access and we will only be opening this once all local space is full. If you are directed here, it’s a two minute walk to Head Office so please do not urinate in their carpark – we need to use this for other events.


Follow signs to registration which is inside the righthand building


There will be hot food available until 4pm each day. Aftert this we will endeavour to have food available but please do not expect a full spread. Please do not use the staff vending machines they are more expensive than Ride It catering anyway….



Before I go any further I would like to point out that THIS IS NOT A RACE. You will not be given a rank and all times will be displayed in a non-sortable format in rider number order. Please help us to continue running a popular friendly event by not riding in such a way to obstruct the road and upset other users. Stop at junctions and traffic lights, and obey the highway code. Do not ride at silly speeds around blind bends or on steep descents. We do not insure you for your actions so if you do hit a car or pedestrian YOU will be responsible for any damages caused by your riding.



It’s Wet out there! There is a bit of leaf cover and debris on the roads, especially near farms where tractors have been dragging mud out onto the tarmac.If there are standing puddles, go carefully as the roads are prone to pot holes. Please keep your eye out for them and if you are travelling in a group, please shout out warnings to those behind. Make sure you have the ability to change a couple of punctures, especially if you are running  lightweight skinny tyres.( PLEASE, PLEASE don’t use skinny, lightweight tyres or Tubs.) A van can be sent out to your aid, but in might be over an hour to get to you depending upon where you and it are. We use small lanes, so keep your speed down and be aware that there might be cars around that bend. On larger roads please keep to single file unless it’s safe to do so.



Distances are approx.

Short -32miles  Elevation 2000ft

Medium -52 miles Elevation 3800ft

Long -70miles Elevation 54ooft


Drink stations are approximately at:-

Short, – 20miles

Medium –  20 and 37miles

Long – 20 and 53miles

Long loop cut off – 11.30 am (20miles in)

Event centre closes at 5pm – Gate will be locked.


This is not a race!!

Please obey the highway code, stop at junctions and only ride two abreast where it is safe to do so – not on main roads or winding country lanes where cars travelling at speed will not be able to see you and stop!!!! If you cause and accident, you are responsible for the consequences and any costs. Horses.  If there are any horses on the road, please slow down and shout out “Hello” with good warning – then wait until you are told it is safe to pass.




GPX files

Everyone who has pre-entered will receive a pre-event mail on Thursday afternoon around 6pm that has links to the GPX files and a guide to show you have to view them interactively. If you have not received this by 7pm tonight please check you junk folder, old accounts, your partners email if they booked and make sure you check the address you booked with! These are all common causes for not getting the mail. If you still don’t have them then email me on I’ll check your entry and send you a copy. I have to change the MTB routes so there will be a delay in getting these produced, they should be available tomorrow.

See you all there!




change of date 6/02/2014

Hello. I’m wondering if it is at all possible to change my riding date from Saturday 8th Feb to Sunday 9th Feb as the weather forecast for Saturday does not look good at all?
Thank you.

    Dean Stacey 6/02/2014

    Hi Mohamad

    Please come along on Sunday and let the guys at registration know you changed days.


      Peter Speers 6/02/2014

      Hi Dean,
      I was going to ask the same question as Mohamad.  Glad that’s an option as Saturday looks like appaling weather.

Sam 7/02/2014

Hi Dean,
will on the day entries be available on Sunday?

Adi 8/02/2014

Are there on the day entries available on Sunday? My half marathon got cancelled due to flooding, and my wife has decided to move from Saturday ride it to Sunday. So, if there are entries available, I’d join her for the ride as well.

Sasha 8/02/2014

Hi. I have booked three entries for saturday and two of my friends wont go now (because of weather) and i would like to use one of the entries for Sunday instead. Is it possible to move the other two entries to South Downs RideIt! instead? 

Daalsh 8/02/2014

Any update on tomorrow’s (Sunday) sportive?
Is it going ahead as planned or will there be an option to transfer / refund?

Andrew Bell 8/02/2014

Hi Dean,
I had one of the Evans guys at the sign-up area upload the new medium course to my Garmin, and the turn by turn was completely wrong.  It worked up to the first drinks area, and was almost continually wrong after that. 
The course I was given is called Road MED Gat 14.  Not sure if that was supposed to be the right course, but it didn’t work out that way.
Might be worth using a course from someone today if it was the ‘correct’ one.  Either way, the signs on the side or the road were really good so I managed to avoid getting lost (with the help of the guy I was riding with).
Well done on the set-up, by the way.

Drew Funnell 2/03/2014

Good afternoon,
Just a quick email to see if I will be getting a refund for the Gatwick Ride it event, DEAN STACEY has agreed that refunds will be given as I do not wish to transfer to another event. I have emailed DEAN STACEY twice and have to this date have not had a reply or a refund. Please can you look into this further or I will be taking this to higher level.
Many Thanks
Drew Funnell

    Dean Stacey 3/03/2014

    Hi Drew.

    I have two emails from you. The first was just before the ride asking to change to Sunday which I replied to saying this was no problem. The second was on the 13th asking for a refund, which I sent over to Head Office to process. Since then I have received nothing in my inbox.

    As this is the first I have heard of you not receiving your refund I have just checked with Head Office and it seems to be that in was processed but the last “button” wasn’t pressed to complete. This has now been done and your refund sent. It might take a few days to appear in your account.

    In future I’d appreciate it if you gave me a chance to respond before printing my name in capitals.



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