King of the Downs 14

Hi All.

We are busy gearing up for our hardest Sportive of the year, The King of the Downs. Now in it’s 6th year, this is a classic 10 hill Sportive  to challenge even the fittest riders.

So far we have booked the drink stations, ordered 2500 bananas, 4000 bits of flapjack, 150 fruitcakes and about 25kgs of jelly beans :-) There will also be goodies from High5 at the drink station along with energy drink.

I’ll try and walk you through the day, but please check here for last minute updates.



First though I would like to point out that THIS IS NOT A RACE. You will not be given a rank and all times will be displayed in a non-sortable format in rider number order. Please help us to continue running a popular friendly event by not riding in such a way to obstruct the road and upset other users. Stop at junctions and traffic lights, and obey the highway code. Do not ride at silly speeds around blind bends or on steep descents. We do not insure you for your actions so if you do hit a car, pedestrian or fellow cyclist YOU will be responsible for any damages caused by your riding.


GPX routes – Will be available Thursday  night to all those that have pre-entered. These are provisional until we have finished putting out the route and I will put an update here on Saturday night if there are any changes

Pre-event mail – This will go out to everyone who has pre-entered on Thursday night. If you don’t recieve it, please check your junk email or any other email you may have used for your Evans account. Also check if your booking was made by a friend. If you don’t have this by 7pm on Thursday night, please email

On the Day

Parking – We have secured about 500 spaces in a nearby commercial estate but we’ll park at the venue to begin with. So aim for our Head Office at RH10 9TZ and follow the instructions of the parking marshals. When we have filled nearest parking we will send you to the overflow so, again, follow directions from the marshals. The overflow is about a 3minute walk/1minute bike ride so it’s up to you if you wish to ride over ready to ride. ( But make sure you bring your helmet to register )

Train – If you are coming by train then follow this handy guide on how to get to our offices and therefore the event centre.  Train Directions


At head office there are loos in both units that will be open and portable loos between the units – please do not urinate in the car parks.


There will be a mechanic on site in the morning ( he’s there to tinker with bikes, not service them – your bike should be rideable!) and our on site Gatwick shop will be open from approximately 7am if you need to purchase anything.

Signing in – Times are as follows:-

Registration opens at 5am.
Full sportive riders should register between 5am and 8am and start between 6am and 8am.
Half sportive riders should register between 7.30am and 10am. You will not be able to register before this and your chip will not be available. Please help us to process riders quickly by adhering to these times and not queuing and asking for your chip before 7.30am.
Half sportive riders start between 8am and 10am.
Free ride vouchers supplied with bikes are not valid for this event.
Registration will be in alphabetical order. Go to the correct table and wait until asked to sign on. You will then be given your maps, cable ties and the timing chip will be added to your helmet.
Breakfast – You will be given a raffle ticket for breakfast, take it to the food tent and fill up on toast and cereal. This ticket can’t be used for the post event food. There will be limited service until 6am.
Once you are ready to ride proceed to the start tent, there are no assigned times, and wait until you are asked to proceed into the briefing area.
The Ride – consists of two loops and the split is at the roundabout at the end of the road. You ride the west loop first and come all the way back to the roundabout. Full route riders turn left and half route riders finish by turning right. IMPORTANT if you are a FULL route rider DO NOT enter the venue start area at this point. There is a good chance that your timing chip will register and finish your ride so you won’t get a time for your full route. There is no way we can change your time!!
Drink/feed stations – Drink stations are at approximately 24/54/90 miles and we usually have a water stop at a pub between 2 and 3 as it’s a bit longer than the others.The Half route riders get one at Aldbury Cricket club with the Full getting 3 stops. The second one is about 1 mile AFTER THE ROUTE SPLIT so you don’t need to return to the venue to fill up with water. This drink station is at Heathy Farm pub where there will be access to their toilets DO NOT WEE in their hedges – it’s not pleasant for everyone else. The last station is at the top of Yorks Hill climb and has been described as the best placed drink station on any Sportive in the country!! It is also a longer distance from the last drink station to this one, so make sure you have enough water to get there.
Available at drink stations – subject to how greedy/hungry the riders in front of you are – there will be High5 drink, Water, Bananas, flapjack, cake and jelly beans.
Finishing – Please ride back through the start/finish tent, even if you are not bothered about time as this let’s us know you are back and safe. If you do pull out please call the number on the map and let me know and I’ll make a note. You will be handed your goodie bag and a new raffle ticket for your free after ride plate of food. Food will only be served until 5.45 pm.
Times – Will be available here on the Monday after the event.



Anthony Golsby 29/05/2014

Hi I will be travelling to the start point of the King of the Downs this sunday by car.  Can you let me know best place to park the car for the day near to registration?

    Mike 30/05/2014

    Hi Anthony,
    You’ll be directed where to park when you arrive in the morning.

Giles Roadnight 29/05/2014

I hope that you are sacrificing enough virgins and doing enough moonlit dances to ensure the weather is good! :-)

Simon 29/05/2014

This is the first one I’ve done so expecting lots of people to be there of course.  Can you pretty much keep your bike with you all the time whilst checking in and getting your food etc or do you need to leave it and lock it up somewhere?  I am planning to come minimal i.e. just me and the bike but don’t want to leave it anywhere unlocked.
Suggestions please from those in the know?

    Mike 30/05/2014

    Hi Simon,
    There will be designated places to leave your bike when you are registering and lots of staff around. However we can’t accept responsibility and it will be left at your own risk. 

    Giles Roadnight 31/05/2014

    I’ve never seen anyone locking their bike up at these things. People usually have their bikes with them in the queue for registration. I’ve never taken a bike lock with me.

Clem 2/06/2014

Thanks to all the crew at Evans Cycles for making the King of the Downs Sportive such a memorable event.  Great route, well signposted, plenty of food, the list goes on.
Some cheeky hills to keep us guessing and the weather was perfect.

Alex Smith 3/06/2014

The rider times look wrong, shows me (no 7428) as DNF!!! I did 6h22m with the gpx file to prove it!!!! Also some friends who started in the wave behind say their start times are showing as about 40mins later than what they were.

adam paxton 4/09/2014

Hi just entered the 21 st century and got a garmin edge 200 from your kingston store, did your king of the downs full sportive on 1 june 2014 , can I get my details onto my garmin connect site, all be it without the map, ta adam. dont know if this is possible


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