King of The Downs Rider Times

Rider times from the King of The Downs sportive are now available to download from the link below –

KOTD Rider Times


Geraint 25/05/2011

Whilst I understand that it is a very complicated matter to process all the times and that there were computer issues over the weekend, I find it quite disconcerting to be listed as DNF, along with others that I know finished the course.

I do not need to know my time (my Garmin took care of that for me!), but one of the requirements in the pre-event information is for participants to notify the team if they don’t finish, as this is part of the safety infrastructure of the event. If you have no record of me finishing, why have I not been contacted to check I’m ok, or to reclaim my chip?! (as happened when there was a computer problem on a Dorking Ride-it I completed previously)

Thanks again for a great course and event.

Mark 25/05/2011

Hi Geraint,
For some people we had their chips returned so know they did make it back even if the results say they didn’t.

For one reason or another some riders didn’t trigger a finish time on the electronic timing system or appear in the manual back up so ended up with a DNF in the results even if we know they did finish.


Dean Stacey 25/05/2011

Hi Geraint

Good to know that you enjoyed the day.

We were using two types of chip for this event. As we don’t have enough of our own we hired they type that you had, the ones that fitted to your shoe. As these weren’t numbered we had to reply on the timing system and computer back up to check everyone in. You seem to have got past the these and record a DNF. 

I have contacted the missing riders with our chips to make sure they are ok but with the other chips  there is no physical way of checking numbers. I physically checked all the car parking areas and recieved no phone calls from anyone to say they weren’t coming back as per the instructions, so assumed everyone was back and that the DNFs were people who either didn’t cross the line, got picked up and returned chips or the chips didn’t register.

We do try and contact everyone and generally we do, but this one seems to have got past us.


Grant Wyatt 25/05/2011

So what I’d like please is a spreadsheet (rather than a PDF) with all the names / times.  I want to sort it by average speed and see how far down the field I was, pretty please
(I rode the full course)

Dean Stacey 25/05/2011

Hi Grant

We publish the results in chip number as this is not a race. If you want to sort by average speed then there is and excel version over on the Ride It/times section on the main Evans website.



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