KotDs pictures and rider times

Hi All.

Thanks for all your positive comments about this weekends ride.

I’m getting a few queries about photos and times so:-


Despite the electric timing there is still a lot of work to do, people change routes, riders are missing a start or finish time, average times are impossibly fast etc – all of which needs to be manually checked against the back up computer ( When we asked for your rider number at the start ) I’m hoping that we should get something up today and they will be here first.


The company taking the photos also covered another 5 events that day so they are probably, even now, frantically rotating and identifying over 8000 pictures!!! 

As soon as they are on line I’ll post a link or you can check yourselves here:-





Andy Hazlewood 24/05/2011

Hello, Dean

Many thanks to you, and the great many involved, in making my first sportive a thoroughly enjoyable and very ‘user friendly’ experience (King of the Downs).

The bug has bitten – signed up for Dorking and would like to use the ‘free-entry’ for Reading. How does one arrange the free-entry, please? I did ask, on the day, but the information wasn’t available.



ade gower 23/07/2014

wonderful day, signs ok, food brill, ride brill, company brill, time good for and old git … for my first sportive. booking again soon xxxxxx
brilliant day , my wife not a cyclist by any means had a good day xxxx


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