Ride It! Cycle Show Rider Times

Rider times from this weekend’s Cycle Show sportive can be downloaded below –

Sportive Rider Times


Andrew 21/03/2011

Had a great ride on Saturday, helped by the amazing weather.  Route was very well signposted and easy to follow, even for me!  Thanks!
PS:  I’m sure there were a couple of cheeky extra miles at the end of the 60 miler – my GPS made it 63.5 miles. 

Gavin Bell 22/03/2011

Yes, it was a lovely day sunny and well organised. I even managed to rent a bike on the day and enjoyed my 30 odd miles on a road bike instead of my usual Brompton. The loops around the Redbridge circuit were definitely on top of the 28 mile billed length, but thanks for introducing me to the place, I’ll definitely be back. I also managed a quick circuit of the dirt track on a Fuji cyclocross bike which was excellent fun too.

Alex 24/03/2011

We got a great day for it. Was my first 100km of the year and I certainly felt it, wanted to try out some bikes but was shattered by the time I got back to Redbridge. The feed stations were much appreciated. I too think there was a few cheeky extra miles on the medium route. My GPS clocked it at 63.5miles as well. I’ll be back next time RideIt is near  London.


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