Ride It! Milton Keynes Rider Times

Some problems with timing system this weekend unfortunately meant we had to resort to our backup manual timing but everyone should still get an accurate ride time it’s just a bit more work for us.

Results are available to download below –

Ride It! Milton Keynes MTB Rider Times

Ride It! Milton Keynes Sportive Rider Times


Steve B 13/03/2011

Had a great day today doing the 60 mile road route.  First event like this that I’ve  ever tried and can already say despite aching legs that I’ll be trying another one.  Everyone who passed me ( and there was A lot) was really friendly.  Thanks to the staff at the start / finish venue and those who helped put this ride together, special thanks to the Evans guy at the first drinks station who repaired my bent front mech in a jiffy.

Alan Lee 13/03/2011

I think theres a mistake with the ‘short’ MTB average speed calulations.

The short course was supposed to be 15 miles but on 2 GPS devices I had, it read that the short course was just under 19 miles.  Can you check this?

Clearly average speed calculations are affected by this (distance/time).

Thanks for a good Ride-It MTB event.



Tom Mann 14/03/2011

Thanks for a good road sportive guys.  Good signage and friendly staff at the drink/feed stations.  Looking forward to seeing the PDF for the road results?

DAVID 14/03/2011

Likewise, we from Slapton Wheelers had a great time on the 60 miler and would like to thank all involved. Also looking forward to seeing the times posted.

Dean Stacey 14/03/2011

Morning guys.

Thanks for the comments, good to hear you had an enjoyable day. The MTB ride had perfect weather but, standing at the start, I thought the Sportive was going to be a washout. Fortunately it was only a small shower and cleared up pretty quickly.

There was an issue early on with people getting lost, this was due to some signs being removed. We know this as we went and re-signed the junction and found torn up signs nearby.

Result will be coming soon, as mentioned above we’re running manual on this event so they may take a little longer ( we still managed to get the MTB up on the night, so it won’t be weeks!!)


Fredrik Persson 14/03/2011

THank you for a great arrangement! THis was my first evans ride and I just started training for Etape I this summer. Perfect to get some fun while training.

Mark 15/03/2011

I’ve just updated the road sportive times for those people who have e-mailed in route changes.

Debb Stone 15/03/2011

This was my first ride-it event, and even though I travelled a round trip of approx 280 miles to do it, I really enjoyed it. I did the short off road to ease myself in  and even though my time was not the best, it’s not bad for first attempt at 2 hr 38.

I’m training to cycle kenya for Cancer later this year, so will certainly be doing more (just closer to home (Leeds)) and hope to improve on the times, though I’ve got a feeling it’s addictive and will continue after Kenya! Thanks Evans!!

Darren Shakespeare 16/03/2011

I would just like to agree with all the comments above, rode the Sunday sportive and had a great day, lots of nice people and good signage.
I also hired one of the Fuji road bikes, my first experience on a modern road bike, this was well organised and good value at £25, (refunded with an Evans voucher for £25 against an Evans new bike) the bike was waiting for me and with the saddle adjusted and the pedals put on i was ready to go. Not sure which road bike to buy yet but it will be fun choosing. Many Thanks to all staff and all the nice people involved on the day.

Slowrider 16/03/2011

I’ve done 4 or 5 of the ride it events now, I particularly enjoy the MTB rides, and I’ve also tried a couple of the road events, they are both nice friendly events. It seems to take me 5 or 6 hours to do the 90 mile road rides (so I finish mid afternoon), but less to do the shorter (30 mile) MTB events (so its an earlier finish on the saturday). I would like to do a few more ride its this year, however if I am to travel away from home more often it would be nice if both days could be a full days ride, so is there any chance of you organising some longer MTB rides, perhaps 50-60 miles, so that the MTB ride can become a full day out like the road ride is?

Dean Stacey 17/03/2011

Hi Slowrider.

Good to know you’re planning to attend some of our future events.

With regard to the length of the MTB routes. We have to cater for the average rider and give ourselves a margin of safety at the end of the day. The 30-35 mile routes seem to be about right for this. Also, the staff have been working from 7am and therefore awake since about 5 with travelling time, and finish about 5-6pm, And then have to do it all again on Sunday. It’s not uncommon for them to be working 24hours over the two days so adding longer routes and therefore longer days would be a bit unfair.

Say this, we did plan to do a long route at Dorking this year , along with a mini festival, but some management changes have made this uncertain. So rather than put on a half-arsed show we have reverted to a standard weekend.

Something might come up in the future.



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