Ride It! Peak District Rider Times

You can download rider times from last weekend’s Peak District Ride It! event using the links below –

MTB Rider Times

Road Sportive Rider Times

For the road times as quite a few riders did the long loop but then took a short cut back on the short loop I’ve tried to show these riders separately in the results.

There were lots of route changes on the Sunday road ride with the hills and the wind meaning many decided to cut to shorter distances, hopefully everyone has ended up in the right place in the results but if not there’s an e-mail address at the top of the results where you can send amendments.

Amended results posted Wednesday 8th June 2011.


john 6/06/2011

The long route was very, very hilly with a strong wind!! which masochist set the route?

Konrad 6/06/2011

I think that there are quite a few people missing from the MTB list: from my group of 6 there are only 2 people classified despite we all started and finished with careful walking trough the blue mats.
We have had chip numbers which are missing: somewhere between 175 and 185.

Dean Stacey 6/06/2011

HI John.
That honour goes to me. Except the wind of course:-) The Peaks is the hardest route we do and is only one of two 4 out of 4 routes on our difficulty scale.

Konrad, as Mark suggests, if you have any issues mail him on the address at the top of the times and he’ll look into the missing times for you.


Stuart H 6/06/2011

My first Evans cyclo event but not my last.
Thank you to all those involved in organising what was a superb ride. The route was really well marked, and everyone so helpful. Special thanks to those who sorted a cup of tea and pasty at the end, when they were just about all packed and ready for home! Toughest 80 miles I’ve ever ridden too, especially with that wind!

winston 6/06/2011

Couldn’t enjoy this one very much,simply too many gates to open and close, then the long 20min+ rocky walk towards Jacobs Ladder was never gonna induce a smile. Missed the split for short route somehow, so had to get a move on big time. I did enjoy the rocky descents and have never ridden anything like it, so was most pleased to have a new challenge. Ps info for discount ride entry post KOTD appreciated.

Sandra Cawsey 7/06/2011

Dean – can I just say what a wonderful day we both had.  As always a very good organised event, cake and water on the way was a must for the effort put in to get up those hills and on the most beautiful day to take in the scenery.  Your team do a brill job. We get around to 50% of the events, this is the most challanging but its all worth it when you know you have a bite to eat and a cuppa waiting for us.  Its amazing knowing the amount of couples like us who continually turn up and make it into a weekend trip away and event.  As I said you all do a grand job and it would be a shame if you pulled out of those loss making events. I say more mountain bike events please.

Mark 7/06/2011

Hi Konrad,
You’re right, when I converted the results to pdf it’s cut off the bottom 10 or so riders.
I’ve just fixed it and uploaded a new version.

Dean Stacey 7/06/2011

Hi Stuart.

Good to hear you enjoyed the ride and tea! Wind was nothing to do with me :-)

Hi Sandra
Thanks very much, you’ll be glad to know that we have no plans to stop doing these events and you never know, we might actually break even one day…..

Hi Winston,
Gates are just one of those things you have to contend with out in the wild I’m afraid, along with walks up hills :-) Glad you enjoyed the decsents.
I have tried twice to return your mail about KotDs freebie but keep getting undelivered. Please mail me on Dean.Stacey@evenscycles.com


james wakefield 7/06/2011

This was my first cyclo event and it was a lot of  fun with a bit of pain of course. Intended to do the short route but to take in snake pass went for the medium and either way would have caught the hill just past chapel-en-le-frith. Total Pain! A memorable day with the great views,a keen breeze (as expected) and friendly staff. Looking forward to the next one. 

John Gordon 8/06/2011

As relative (and fairly aged) newcomers, this was our first event.  What a day!  Only manged the medium route and with the windy conditions and all the hills found it really tough but what a sense of achievement at the end. We were passed by numerous people and passed no-one ourselves but it made no difference to our enjoyment. Thank you to everyone at Evans who made this possible. We’ll be back!
John Gordon and Andrew Cainen

Dean Stacey 8/06/2011

Hi Guys

Good to hear you enjoyed the ride, That wind keeps being mentioned for some reason………..

See you again.


Mark Green 8/06/2011

This being our second ride it event and by far the most challenging.
Our group of four soon became split as the first of those mega ascents came.
It was a fantastic day out with the perfect weather and breath taking views.
Made all the pain of hill climbing worthwhile.
Missed the split somehow and went two miles up the red route before turning back.
Look forward to the next event nearer home Cannock chase.
Thanks all the team at Evans.

jonathan cave 9/06/2011

Dean and team,
Just want to say thanks for a great day out in the Peak district! Did the medium route as this was the first 4 out of 4 for climbing evans route i have done, and i wasnt sure how the legs would hold!!
 The first little climb after the start was like our very own strade bianch with all those loose chippings!!
I thought the route was really well planned,and i liked the fact that you didnt try to copy some other Peak rides and go up every lung busrsting climb around, just right for the average keen social cyclist i would think??  Most of the climbs were sheltered from the wind by the hills, with was a blessing, with just the decent off snake proving a bit hairy!! I know a few riders missed the sharp left after that decent and ended up in Glossop, but on the whole it was superbly signed, much better in fact than previous Evans rides i have done….
Thanks once again for a great ride!

steve 10/06/2011

Thankyou to everyone involved in organising this event. Have done a few sportives (non Evans) and this one was by far the best so far..well organised, friendly and with a relaxed atmosphere and an intelligently mapped out route. Thanks.

adam cadle 10/06/2011

hello,i tried to take part in the long MTB on the saturday,i must of been about two miles in and i started to wonder if i had missed to spot a tiny piece of orange ribbon which was a route marker,very quickly to be joined by a fellow biker who was also lost…from now on we were annoyingly navigating from supplied map.the point i would like to make is to people putting out the signage,please place it in a position a speeding MTBer will spot it,it really is no good tucked behind a bush.
regards adam.

Dean Stacey 10/06/2011

Hi Adam.

I think a few people missed the turning you are talking about. The signs were there as other riders made the turn but as others missed the turn it might not have been as obvious as it could have been.

I didn’t see the turning so I can’t comment personally, but it’s possible that the more obvious sign had been removed. The guys putting these courses out have done so for over 100 events which equates to about 12500miles so they know what they are doing. Equally, over 12500miles we might not get every junction marked correctly :-)

If you do get lost, the best thing to do is retrace yourself back to the last point you saw a sign and then navigate from there to pick the signs back up.



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