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Evans Cycles Ride-to-Work Service Commitment


This Service Commitment lays out the commitment Evans Cycles Ride-to-Work makes to employers participating in the Evans Cycles Ride-to-Work Scheme. Full details of how the Ride-to-Work scheme operates and FAQs can be found at www.evanscycles.com/Ride-to-Work
Online Account
  • Once you have signed up to the Evans Cycles Ride-to-Work scheme, unless otherwise instructed, we will set up an online account, and provide an account code and password confirmation within 1 working day.
Documentation and payment process
  • We provide legally approved hire agreements via our online system or emailed PDF file.
  • We regularly review the hire agreement wording in light of any guideline changes and issue replacement hire agreements through the online system or emailed PDF file.
  • You may amend the hire agreement wording but we cannot vouch for any changes you make being legally compliant. It is your responsibility to ensure any changes you make are legally compliant.
  • Following your supply to your employee of a Ride-to-Work pre-Contract Information Form and a Ride-to-Work Hire Agreement (templates for which we provide) and following the completion in full of those documents and notification to us, we will issue you an invoice for the requested amount.
  • Subject to approval we may offer 28 days payment terms up to an agreed credit limit, details of which will be confirmed between us. If we are not able to offer a credit account we will issue pro-forma invoices and dispatch certificates immediately following payment.
  • We will provide your employees with quotations on the assumption that no variation in the price will be made by the manufacturer/sole importer and that Government levies shall remain unaltered. In the event of price changes outside of our control, we will not pass this increase on to you where orders for equipment have already been accepted in writing by us. However, we retain the right to pass on any price changes to you where an order has not been accepted in writing.
  • Where we accept a deposit from one of your employees against an order for which a certificate has not yet been issued, we undertake to return the deposit in full and free from any administration fee or fee of any other kind whether your employee proceeds with the order or not.
Certificate Ordering – online system
  • For employers using our online system, the employee requests their Ride-to-Work certificate using the account.
  • The Scheme Administrator can then log-in to the account and either approve or decline the request.
  • Emails are sent to both the employee and Scheme Administrator confirming the application.
  • Once the application is approved by the Scheme Administrator, the certificate is emailed directly to the employee.
  • Full training can be provided on use of the online system.
Certificate Ordering – by email, post or fax
  • Orders can also be placed by submitting a spreadsheet or a Ride-to-Work certificate request form (both provided on request) by email, post or fax.
  • For employers using benefit providers we can accommodate various formats for receiving the data.
Value of certificates
  • FCA rules allow employers to hire a bicycle and/or cyclist’s safety equipment up to the value of £1,000 without the need for a separate Consumer Credit Authority (CCA).
  • In the event that you hold your own CCA with the appropriate category and which allows for credit of a higher amount, the value of any certificate we issue shall be limited to that higher amount.
  • The certificate cannot be transferred to another person, or redeemed for less than its full value (no refunds can be given if the equipment collected is for less than the full value of the certificate), or exchanged for cash.
Ride-to-Work Certificate Dispatch
  • We aim to dispatch all Ride-to-Work certificates by email within 1 hour of receiving approval from the Scheme Administrator, subject to payment of invoice or valid credit terms.
  • We will always endeavour to provide same-day dispatch for certificates approved before 16.00 but cannot guarantee it.
  • Approvals received after 16.00 are guaranteed to be dispatched by 10.00am the following working day.
Certificate redemption
  • The employee is responsible for redeeming the certificate, either in-store, online or over the phone, and arranging delivery of the equipment, in the same way as if the employee was a regular customer of Evans Cycles.
  • All delivery (for equipment ordered online or over the phone) and returns (whether the equipment is alleged to be defective or otherwise) will be processed in accordance with our Terms and Conditions, which can be found at www.evanscycles.com/help/terms-and-conditions
  • Ride-to-Work certificates are valid for 3 months from date of issue.
Supply of Equipment
Your organisation has the option to lease or buy the equipment from Evans Cycles under the Ride-to-Work scheme.
Please note that your organisation’s choice to lease or buy the equipment has implications for what will happen to the equipment at the end of your employee’s hire of the equipment. It is important for you to consider at the outset what you want to happen at the end of the hire period before deciding whether to lease or buy from us. Full details are available at www.evanscycles.com/Ride-to-Work/transfer-of-ownership-options
  • Leasing equipment
    If you choose to lease the equipment the lease cost will be a one off payment of the equivalent normal retail price for the item(s), up to the maximum certificate value outlined above.
    If you have chosen to lease the equipment from us, at the end of your employee’s hire period the Transfer4You scheme will apply.
  • Buying equipment
    If you choose to buy the equipment from Evans Cycles, the price will be the normal retail price of the item(s) in question, up to the maximum certificate value outlined above. At the end of your employee’s salary sacrifice period the Benefit in Kind or Extended Scheme options will apply or an alternative process as may be agreed between us. Please note Transfer4You is not available if you purchase the equipment from us.
    Full details of the options available at the end of the hire period are available at www.evanscycles.com/Ride-to-Work/transfer-of-ownership-options
Title and Risk
  • In the event that you have chosen to lease rather than buy the equipment it will remain our property, since it is being leased rather than sold to you. Whether you choose to lease or buy, from the moment of delivery, the risk of loss, theft, damage or destruction of the equipment will pass to you. Our anticipation is that you will pass this risk on to your employee in full.
Service Levels
  • We will offer the same service levels to you and your employees using the Ride-to-Work scheme as we do to those customers purchasing equipment from us in the normal course of business. Notwithstanding that the equipment is being supplied to you and not your employee, we will offer a free service on all bicycles supplied under the scheme within six weeks of the bicycle‘s collection.
  • Any bicycles or equipment supplied by us under the Ride-to-Work scheme will benefit from the relevant manufacturer warranties. If you choose to lease rather than buy, the relevant manufacturers’ warranties will take effect as if the bicycle or equipment had been supplied to you on the date of delivery of the bicycle or equipment to your employee.

Client Support

Ride-to-Work Helpdesk
  • All employers and employees can contact the Ride-to-Work Helpdesk for advice or information about any aspect of the scheme. This can be done by phone or email.
Ride-to-Work Helpdesk Response Times
  • We aim to respond to all phone messages and emails the same day with 95% of enquiries responded to within 1 hour.
Contact Details for Ride-to-Work and Evans Cycles
Ride-to-Work Helpdesk Monday
Friday 9am – 6pm
01293 572325 or Ride-to-Work@evanscycles.com
Contact centre (mail order sales) 01293 574900 Option 1
Finance department 01293 574900 Option 5
Account Manager
  • Employers with over 300 employees will be provided with a dedicated Account Manager as well as the services of the Ride-to-Work helpdesk.
Marketing Literature
  • We provide a range of quality marketing literature to explain the scheme and answer employer/employee questions. Literature can be supplied in hardcopy and digital format.
  • These include employer and employee guides, online system guides, bespoke posters, special offer flyers.
  • We provide a dedicated Ride-to-Work website providing scheme information, FAQs and a savings calculator.
  • Marketing material is available via our website or from the Ride-to-Work team or Account Manager.
Ride-to-Work Roadshows and Presentations
  • We can provide free events to promote Ride-to-Work to employees including bikes, a range of accessories, information and details of special offers at the employer site.
  • All roadshows are attended by experienced Ride-to-Work team members and / or store colleagues who will offer employees advice regarding the scheme and choice of equipment.
  • We may additionally be able to support other employer events, e.g. benefit fairs, health & well-being days. We can deliver employee presentations to explain the scheme and answer any questions at employer sites where a full event is not possible.
  • To arrange an event or presentation contact the Account Manager or Ride-to-Work helpdesk.
Complaints process
  • Any issues regarding certificate ordering or invoicing will be dealt with immediately by the dedicated Ride-to-Work helpdesk and / or Account Manager.
  • Any issues regarding items supplied to you, or service in-store, will be dealt with in the first instance by the Evans Cycles store from where they were supplied and if the issue is not resolved can be directed to our Customer Relations department.

Other information

Data Protection
  • We are committed to protecting our customers' privacy and we undertake to use any information collected about you or your employees strictly in accordance with the provisions of the Data Protection Act 1998.
  • You can exit your relationship with Evans Cycles Ride-to-Work at any time, on the provision of one month’s written notice. Likewise, we will issue you with no less than one month’s written notice should we wish to exit our relationship. The effect of termination will be that no further certificates are issued under the Ride-to-Work scheme following the date of termination, but all existing certificates will continue to be respected and we will continue to respect the end-of-hire arrangements for all equipment supplied to you through the Ride-to-Work scheme during our relationship.
This sets out our commitment to you. We will respect its terms regardless of whether you and we sign this commitment. If you wish for this commitment to be signed by your company and ourselves in the form of a written contract, we are happy to do this on request.
If we need to amend this commitment, we will provide you with notice and will bring our amended commitment to your attention. We will ensure that such amendments do not reduce the level of service being provided to you.

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