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Take advantage of the Ride2Work scheme to benefit from great savings on the cost of a new bike and / or accessories for cycling to work and for leisure.
Simply enter your annual salary and the total value of your bike and/or accessories into the green boxes, to calculate your savings and amount of salary sacrifice.
Exclusive benefits: When you join the Ride2Work scheme we’ll give you free accessories and half-price bike servicing.
Once you are happy with the figures you can apply for your certificate
All figures shown above are for illustration purposes only and exact savings and deductions may vary according to personal circumstances. Savings are based on tax year 2013-2014. Income tax is calculated at 20% on earnings from £9,440 - £41,450, 40% over £41,451, 45% over £150,000. National insurance is calculated at 12% on earnings £7,755 - £41,450, and 2% on earnings above this.
The online calculator may not be compatible with older versions of Microsoft Internet Explorer, if you cannot see the calculator, you can download a version of it here.