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Fix It!

Welcome to our Fix It! How To section. We have filmed this series of short videos to show you how to look after your bike, by doing some basic tweaking, cleaning and oiling to keep it in tiptop condition. We hope you find them useful. If you have not already attended one of our in store Fix It! maintenance classes teaching you the basic skills, visit your local store or via our contact centre (+44)01293574900. If your bike needs a more in depth service, contact your local Evans Cycles workshop and servicing facility to book in
We thought it might be useful to give you a list of the tools you may need to conduct basic maintenance at home.
Lubricant - After cleaning your components it is important to relube to ensure they are running smoothly.
Degreaser / cleaner - Clean & degrease your bike after a ride to ensure dirt & grit do not wear your components.
Chain cleaner tool - An easy to use tool to clean yor chain.
Chain checker - Use this to check how your chain is wearing and allow you to replace it before it damages your drivetrain.
Cleaning brush - Allows you to clean in the nooks and crannies of your chain & cassette.
Multi tool or Allen key - Allows you to tweak your gears, brakes, seat and many other areas.
Puncture repair kit - Allows you to remove the tyre & fix the puncture in your inner tube.
Inner tube - It is far easier to replace an inner tube on the side of the road than mess around finding the puncture, always carry some spares.
Tyre levers - An absolute essential to remove your tyre.
Pump - Available as mini pumps to use on the move which require a little more effort or track pumps for ease of use when at home.
Stand - It is far easier to mend and maintain your bike when it is held steady & off the floor on a stand.

Pre-ride bike check


How to change an inner tube


Cleaning and re-lubing the drive chain



Brake Set Up



Rear Gear Set Up



Front Gear Set Up


This story was last updated on 16/05/2012

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