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Get a quote
Visit any Evans Cycles store or create a basket online to establish the exact value you require. Remember to add accessories and clothing for all-season riding, including any delivery or click & collect charges within this value (as you will not be able to pay for these separately).
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Obtain Certificate
Go to to apply for your certificate.

Your employer is the best point of contact for when you can expect this to arrive.
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Redeem Certificate
Once received, you can redeem your certificate in-store or online by using the Cyclescheme payment option.
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Receive your order
When successfully placed, your order will be processed as normal.
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Cyclescheme Calculator

Cyclescheme FAQs

Cyclescheme is a way to pay for your new bike via a monthly salary sacrifice. The payments are taken directly from your gross salary, which means you don’t pay tax, national insurance or interest fees.

Purchasing through Cyclescheme allows you to save between 23% and 39%, offering a tax efficient way to buy your next bike. Once you’ve checked your employer is signed up to Cyclescheme, you can go ahead and ask us for a quote or place an order if you’ve already got a certificate.

Most employers choose not to limit the order value with Cyclescheme. This means you can browse the entire range of bikes, including e-bikes, and pair with complementary accessories. Please check whether your employer has set a limit before applying for your certificate.

You can get any adult bike and a wide range of cycling equipment and clothing. You can select cycling equipment with a bike, or if you are already have a bike and are cycling to work you can choose to get equipment only, with all the same tax savings. As a guide any items which help make you safer, keep your bike safe, or help with your commute can be included except for:

Computers, including GPS units

Training equipment, such as turbo trainers and energy food and drink


Full-face Helmets

Please Note: Product available online from our Partner Program can only be included in our home delivery service and cannot be ordered in-store or be picked up using click and collect.

You cannot add your own funds to the transaction. This is determined by guidance from the Department for Transport who have clarified that the entire order value (including any delivery charges) must be included on your certificate and adding funds is not possible.

As you cannot add your own funds, you should include the cost of any delivery charges when requesting your certificate.

Once you have applied for the certificate, it is not possible to amend items on the scheme or the order value. We recommend including all eligible accessories on the initial order, including delivery charges.

We offer the same standard returns policy to bikes and accessories ordered through Cyclescheme. For more information specific to our standard returns process, see here.

Once you have applied for your Certificate, the process typically takes between 3-14 days, depending on how quickly your employer processes your application. If you have an application in place, you can check the status via your Cyclescheme login.

The standard period for a Cyclescheme Certificate is 12 months. Some employers do offer 6, 18 and 24 month schemes. You will ultimately need to check with your employer.

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