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Ride-to-Work really is as simple as it seems but there might be some specific questions you’d like to ask.
Before contacting us directly, see if we’ve already got the answer here.

The tax benefits available through the Government’s Cycle to Work Scheme are provided on the basis that employees are hiring the equipment from their employer and making tax savings by paying the cost out of their gross pay via salary sacrifice.
At the end of the salary sacrifice term, scheme rules require an end of scheme arrangement. Your employer will decide which arrangement they are following, so check with them or Ride-to-Work if you are not sure.


If your employer has chosen Evans Cycles Transfer4You option, at the end of your salary deductions, you’ll receive an email from Evans Cycles and will need to choose one of the following options:

OPTION 1 (recommended)

Complete an Extended Use Agreement to use the bike for a further 48 / 60 months free of charge.< We contact you by email and offer to extend your scheme enabling you to continue using the bike at no further cost.


Purchase the bike at current HMRC Fair Market Value rate.
You will own the bike but your overall savings will have been reduced.


Return the bike to Evans Cycles.
In the unlikely event of the bike being returned we will donate it to charity
Once you have selected an option you can join the Ride-to-Work scheme again at any time.

The bike and equipment are leased to you by your employer who will deduct monthly ‘salary sacrifice’ amounts from your gross salary to cover the cost of the equipment.
 • Because the deductions are from gross salary it means you pay less tax and NI, saving you 32%-42% (depending on tax banding) on a bike of your choice and/or safety accessories
 • You can use the bike for either your full journey to/from work or part-journey, e.g. to/from the station. You can also use the bike for leisure cycling.
 • The cost is usually spread over 12 months (or up to 18 months if your employer offers this).

You can get any adult bike and a wide range of cycling equipment and clothing. You can select cycling equipment with a bike, or if you are already have a bike and are cycling to work you can choose to get equipment only, with all the same tax savings.

As a guide any items which help make you safer, keep your bike safe, or help with your commute can be included except for:
 • Computers, including GPS units
 • Training equipment, such as turbo trainers and energy food and drink
 • Workstands
 • Full-face Helmets

Yes, if you are already cycling you can get cycling equipment without getting a bike. The equipment must still be within the guidelines above.

Yes you can but this needs to be done through an Evans Cycles store as all components to make up a complete roadworthy bike must be ordered at the same time. It is not possible to order frames and forks online.

Yes you can - which will give you even better savings through the scheme

It is your responsibility to maintain the bike but we do offer a free bike check-up after 6 weeks and all our stores have a full workshop. All Ride-to-Work certificates come with one year's free bike servicing.

After signing the hire agreement, you have a 14 day cooling off period if you change your mind. After that the hire agreement with your employer cannot be cancelled.

The Hire Agreement is covered by the Consumer Credit Act and such agreements cannot be cancelled after the 14 day cooling off period. When you sign the hire agreement, you are agreeing to make a salary sacrifice in exchange for hiring cycling equipment. It is important therefore that you use your Certificate to select the cycling equipment as part of the agreement with your employer.

You need to exchange the certificate for your selected equipment within 3 months from date of issue. Once your certificate has expired it cannot be re-issued or refunded.

If you leave your employer before you have completed the salary sacrifice term, any balance remaining must be repaid from your final net salary, i.e. without tax/NI savings. To take ownership of the bike a transfer of ownership process will also apply within the HMRC Fair Market Valuation guidelines. Your employer will be able to advise which transfer option would apply to you.

You can only join the scheme if you are paid via PAYE in order for the salary sacrifice deductions to be made

The tax benefits available through the Cycle to Work scheme are provided on the basis that employers are hiring the equipment to their employees, with the employee paying the cost of the equipment out of their gross pay through salary sacrifice.

At the end of the salary sacrifice term, scheme guidelines require that any transfer of ownership takes place in accordance with the Fair Market Value. There are however different options for managing this end of scheme process.

One of the benefits of Evans Cycles Ride-to-Work scheme is our free and unique Transfer4You service. At no extra cost, Evans Cycles will manage the end of scheme process entirely, giving employees the option to continue to use the equipment free of charge.

For employers Transfer4You ensures there is no end of scheme administration whilst also ensuring maximum scheme savings for employees without any further charges or deposits. When reviewing scheme providers, it is important to understand how end of scheme charges are applied.

No. Evans Cycles provides all the necessary forms and agreements.

No. The Financial Conduct Authority states that a Cycle to Work Scheme does not require it’s authorisation where the total amount of an employee’s salary sacrifice does not exceed £1,000.

To offer your employees an improved benefit with a higher limit you will require Consumer Credit Authorisation, which can cost as little as £100. Read our useful advice guide for further information.

If an employee goes on maternity leave during the salary sacrifice period and their salary falls below NMW the employer has the option to initiate a repayment holiday or to continue with payments. Employers would need to supply the employee with an amendment to the hire agreement for signature. The Office of Fair Trading rules state that if the hire agreement term runs over 18 months the employee has a right to cancel the contract and therefore employers need to keep this in mind when extending the term of the salary sacrifice. Employers are not liable to make the payments while the employee is on maternity leave.

You must be paid via PAYE to make the salary sacrifice.

It is the employee’s responsibility to maintain the bike. Evans Cycles offers a free bike check-up after 6 weeks and all stores operate a full workshop service. And don’t forget all employees joining Ride-to-Work receive two free services during the first year of using their new bike.

If an employee leaves before completing their salary sacrifice term, any balance remaining should be repaid from the employee’s final net salary, i.e. without the tax/NI savings. This reflects the early termination clause contained within the Ride-to-Work hire agreement.
It is expected that the employee will wish to take ownership of the bike at the same time and the employer can choose:
 • To collect the applicable FMV of 18% or 25% of the original value, dependent on whether the original value was below £500 or above £500 (as per HMRC table below)
 • To declare the FMV figure as a benefit in kind on a P11d
 • To transfer the equipment to Evans Cycles earlier within the Transfer4You arrangement

When an employee applies to join the Ride-to-Work scheme you will approve their application and then set-up the salary sacrifice deductions through your own payroll system. Typically the first deduction begins from the next payroll following approval to join the scheme.
For example, on a salary sacrifice of £600 over 12 months, the deductions will be £600 / 12 (months) = £50. This is the amount the employee will see on their payslip. This is the gross amount before tax savings, and the true cost to the employee each month would be £34 if they are a basic rate tax payer or £29 for a higher rate tax payer.
Salary sacrifice is the process which enables employees to benefit from the tax savings, and for employers to recover the initial cost of purchasing the cycling equipment.
The default salary sacrifice term is 12 months, but it can be up to 18 months. Employers can set the salary sacrifice term from the control panel within the Ride-to-Work system.