The new Ride-To-Work scheme with no £1000 limit and no extra admin!

Evans Cycles fully supports and welcomes the updated cycle to work scheme guidance recently launched by the Department for Transport, making it fit for the future, enabling more employees to enjoy the benefits of cycling and supporting employers with their health and wellbeing initiatives. As the UK’s largest specialist cycle and e-bike retailer, this new guidance will enable you to take advantage of our full range of quality bikes, clothing and accessories



What's changing?

This new guidance allows employers to choose a higher limit by using Evans Cycles own FCA authorisation, meaning employees get access to a wider range of bikes and cycling equipment and employers will benefit from greater National Insurance Contribution savings.

The DfT has also specified that the adding of own funds to the certificate value will no longer be permitted. However, with a higher scheme limit, there will not be a need to top up, as the full value of the bike and accessories can be covered by the Ride-to-Work certificate and the employee saves income tax and NI on the full amount.

What's your new limit going to be?

By selecting the new Ride-to-Work scheme, employers will be providing the most flexible benefit for their employees, with no hidden costs or final ownership fee. We recommend a limit of £5,000 to allow employees to take advantage of good quality electric bikes and our full range of clothing and safety accessories. This will support more employees to make the change to a healthier and greener lifestyle.

Our system is entirely flexible, and it is the employer’s decision to offer the Ride-to-Work scheme limit which meets the needs of the organisation. Scheme limits and salary sacrifice terms can be adjusted up or down.

It’s easy to switch!

If you already have a Ride-to-Work scheme and wish to take advantage of the new limit, login to the Ride-to-Work portal and select ‘Managed by Evans Cycles’ as your end of scheme preference, then set your scheme’s upper limit to anything you like!




What happens after the salary sacrifice period completes on the new Ride-To-Work scheme?

Our end of scheme process is simple, hassle-free and fully managed by Evans Cycles. Employees will see out the hire term at no extra cost until the value of their goods becomes negligible, then we’ll transfer ownership of the goods to the employee for free – just as it is currently under our Transfer4You process.

This requires no admin from employers or employees and maximises the savings through the scheme.

My organisation charges employees Fair Market Value, or transfers ownership via Benefit in Kind.

If you are currently using either of the above end of scheme methods to transfer ownership to your employees and wish to continue to do so, you will need to adhere to the current traditional scheme rules:

  • You will be purchasing the goods from Evans Cycles
  • £1,000 is your maximum limit
  • Employees cannot add their own funds to the certificate amount
  • Salary sacrifice term limited to 12 or 18 months

Can I get finance for our organisation to get a higher scheme limit?

Yes – we will put you in touch with our finance partners who will give you competitive rates to fund your new Ride-to-Work scheme. Please call us to discuss further.

National Minimum Wage.

A salary sacrifice arrangement must not reduce an employee's cash earnings below the National Minimum Wage (NMW).

If you have a number of employees close to the NMW, you could opt to lengthen the salary sacrifice term to reduce the monthly deductions to manageable levels, or provide a Net loan scheme that does not qualify for the Tax and NI savings.

Please have a look at our affordability calculator to help you decide, or please call our helpdesk.

Can employees get regular bikes through the new Ride-To-Work scheme, not just electric bikes?

Yes, all bikes stocked by Evans Cycles can be selected on Ride-to-Work, provided they fit within the limit you select for your organisation.

Still have some questions for us?

Our Ride-to-Work helpdesk is on hand between 8.30am and 5.30pm Monday – Friday

Call us on 01293 572325 (option 3)

Or email:


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