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So, Gravel Bikes vs Cyclocross Bikes - What’s the difference? Which is best for you? At surface level, they are rather similar, but with some key differences. One difference is that Cyclocross bikes are limited to 33mm tyres, while gravel bikes having no such limitations. Another is that, due to their use for racing, Cyclocross bikes have a short wheelbase, high bottom bracket and aggressive riding position, whereas gravel bikes give a more stable ride thanks to their longer wheelbases and lower bottom brackets. Here at Evans, we have both bases covered, with a variety of both gravel and Cyclocross bikes for men and women. Both types offer easier gearing than a road bike, allowing for off-road use and tougher terrains at the weekend, but still work well as commuter bikes in the week. We stock the best brands, including Cannondale, Trek, Specialized and Pinnacle. What’s more, our Gravel and Cyclocross bikes are made even more affordable thanks to our Ride-to-Work scheme. For help choosing a Cyclocross bike, read our Cyclocross Bike Buying Guide.

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