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Brompton Inner Tube

Brompton Inner Tube


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101248-NA-NA 16 x 1 3/8, Schrader In Stock

Brompton Bikes are truly personal transport you can take with you even when you’re not riding it. On trains and buses it tucks neatly into luggage space (it is welcome on practically all public transport), on aircraft, in cars, on yachts, behind the pilot’s seat of a single-prop, in caravans and on narrow boats, Brompton’s are taken on trips as frequently as they take their owners on journeys. The travellers bike and at the end of your commute, your trip or your voyage, your Brompton will fit safely and snugly in a cupboard, under your desk at work or in a cloakroom at the theatre or restaurant. With no risk of theft, your Brompton will still be there when you return – the ultimate personal transport.

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