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Pinnacle Bikes is a UK brand with focus on the needs of British riders. Our bikes are designed in-house by experienced Product Managers and cycle designers who use the collective experience of our riders, mechanics and store staff to tailor the range to your needs. We offer great looking, high-performance bikes that we can stand behind with confidence.

EV192310-S-BKGY Gloss Black, Small In Stock
EV192310-M-BKGY Gloss Black, Medium In Stock
EV192310-L-BKGY Gloss Black, Large In Stock
EV192310-XL-BKGY Gloss Black, XLarge In Stock
EV192315-T-WHBU Gloss White, Tall In Stock
EV192315-S-WHBU Gloss White, Small In Stock
EV192315-M-WHBU Gloss White, Medium In Stock
EV192287-S-DGRY Matt Near-Black/Neon Green, Small In Stock
EV192287-M-DGRY Matt Near-Black/Neon Green, Medium In Stock
EV192287-L-DGRY Matt Near-Black/Neon Green, Large In Stock
EV192287-XL-DGRY Matt Near-Black/Neon Green, XLarge In Stock
EV192303-S-ORG Gloss Root Beer, Small In Stock
EV192303-M-ORG Gloss Root Beer, Medium In Stock
EV192303-L-ORG Gloss Root Beer, Large Delivered in 10 days
EV192303-XL-ORG Gloss Root Beer, XLarge In Stock
EV192311-S-GRY Matt Dark Silver, Small In Stock
EV192311-M-GRY Matt Dark Silver, Medium In Stock
EV192311-L-GRY Matt Dark Silver, Large In Stock
EV192311-XL-GRY Matt Dark Silver, XLarge In Stock
EV192296-S-BLU Dark Matt Blue, Small In Stock
EV192296-M-BLU Dark Matt Blue, Medium In Stock
EV192296-L-BLU Dark Matt Blue, Large In Stock
EV192296-XL-BLU Dark Matt Blue, XLarge In Stock
EV192322-S-ORG Matt Flat Orange, Small In Stock
EV192322-M-ORG Matt Flat Orange, Medium In Stock
EV192322-L-ORG Matt Flat Orange, Large In Stock
EV192322-XL-ORG Matt Flat Orange, XLarge In Stock
EV192312-S-RED Gloss Deep Red, Small In Stock
EV192312-M-RED Gloss Deep Red, Medium In Stock
EV192312-L-RED Gloss Deep Red, Large In Stock
EV192312-XL-RED Gloss Deep Red, XLarge In Stock
EV192316-T-RED Gloss Deep Red, Tall In Stock
EV192316-S-RED Gloss Deep Red, Small Delivered in 10 days
EV192316-M-RED Gloss Deep Red, Medium In Stock
EV198509-S-BLU Blue, Small In Stock
EV198509-M-BLU Blue, Medium In Stock
EV192305-S-GRY Gloss Black-Grey Metallic, Small In Stock
EV192305-M-GRY Gloss Black-Grey Metallic, Medium In Stock
EV192305-L-GRY Gloss Black-Grey Metallic, Large In Stock
EV192305-XL-GRY Gloss Black-Grey Metallic, XLarge Delivered in 10 days
EV192306-T-YLW Gloss Yellow, Tall In Stock
EV192306-S-YLW Gloss Yellow, Small In Stock 21/06/14
EV192306-M-YLW Gloss Yellow, Medium In Stock
EV192307-S-GRN Gloss Metallic Green, Small In Stock
EV192307-M-GRN Gloss Metallic Green, Medium In Stock
EV192307-L-GRN Gloss Metallic Green, Large In Stock
EV192307-XL-GRN Gloss Metallic Green, XLarge In Stock
EV192313-S-BKGY Matt Black, Small In Stock
EV192313-M-BKGY Matt Black, Medium In Stock
EV192313-L-BKGY Matt Black, Large In Stock
EV192313-XL-BKGY Matt Black, XLarge In Stock
EV192323-S-GRY Matt Dark Warm Grey, Small In Stock
EV192323-M-GRY Matt Dark Warm Grey, Medium In Stock
EV192323-L-GRY Matt Dark Warm Grey, Large In Stock
EV192323-XL-GRY Matt Dark Warm Grey, XLarge In Stock
EV193113-S-BLU Matt Navy Blue, Small In Stock
EV193113-M-BLU Matt Navy Blue, Medium In Stock
EV193113-L-BLU Matt Navy Blue, Large In Stock
EV193113-XL-BLU Matt Navy Blue, XLarge In Stock
EV192308-S-GRY Matt Dark Silver, Small In Stock
EV192308-M-GRY Matt Dark Silver, Medium In Stock
EV192308-L-GRY Matt Dark Silver, Large In Stock
EV192308-XL-GRY Matt Dark Silver, XLarge In Stock 09/05/14
EV192324-S-GRN Matt Lime Yellow, Small In Stock 11/05/14
EV192324-M-GRN Matt Lime Yellow, Medium In Stock
EV192324-L-GRN Matt Lime Yellow, Large In Stock
EV192324-XL-GRN Matt Lime Yellow, XLarge In Stock