Electric bike test rides

We love ebikes and we’re sure you will too. That’s why we’re offering a range of Brompton ebikes available to test ride for 72 hours. All the freedom and enjoyment of cycling but with a little power assistance to help you along.

What you’ll need to bring on the day to the store

Photographic ID – a valid passport or driver’s license

Fully refundable £500 deposit, paid with a debit or credit card

You will also need to complete and sign the T&C’s provided instore.

Stores available for Brompton test ride

There’s a range of stores where you can test ride a Brompton ebike, just click on your local evans store below to find the address and contact details. Bikes are subject to availability.

Watch The Video

What’s the most enjoyable way to commute? Three friends took on a different route each to find out what wins across car, public transport and eBike.

Forget packed trains, traffic jams and delays.

Save time, save money and enjoy your commute with Brompton Electric.

Brompton Electric Bikes

The Brompton Electric features the same great benefits of the standard Brompton of being compact, portable and secure. The additional benefit of the Brompton Electric over other eBikes is that the battery is easily removed and comes with a carry strap - meaning you can easily carry battery on your shoulder and bike separately. A great solution for those living in tighter spaces or who want the flexibility and security of always keeping your bike with you, even indoors, in offices, on trains or in the car.
A man riding a Brompton electric Bike


Folded Dimensions

565mm high x 585mm wide x 270mm long

Weight (approx.)

2-speed: 13.7kg (16.6kg total with battery)

6-speed: 14.5kg (17.4kg total with battery)

Bike Edition

Brompton electric

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Handlebar Type

H Type (1075mm)

M Type (1015mm)

Rear Frame

L Type (Mudguard)




Gear Ratio


Frame Material



Gloss Black

Turkish Green

Bolt Lacquer


The battery seperates with one click from the bike, so you can carry it everywhere and charge it anywhere


The Brompton Electric folds to a compact 585mm high x 656mm long x 250mm so you can charge it safe inside your home or workplace


Take your Brompton Electric on trains, planes and taxis. You always have more options. Then unfold and explore

Battery Charger

The battery for a Brompton Electric bike is integrated onto the luggage. This clips simply and securely onto the battery block on the front of the bike and detaches with a push of the button, integrated with the handle. As the block is positioned on the main frame of the bike, your steering remains smooth and stable whatever your load.

A man riding a Brompton electric Bike

Brompton Electric Luggage

Choose from two luggage options - either the Essentials Bag (comes as standard), which has enough space for all the small items you'll need for the day, as well as incorporating the battery, or the City Bag (20 litre storage) which has enough space for laptop, lunch and other clothing layers for all eventualities.

A man riding a Brompton electric Bike