Our Guide to Buying: Folding Bikes

Why would I use a Folding Bike?

Folding bikes are perfect for anywhere space is at a premium; ideal for flats, caravans and boats a folding bike can be stored in a small space when not in use.

The Basics of Folding Bikes

What is the best bike for commuting?

Folding bikes are the best bikes for commuting as they really come into their own. They can easily be tucked into a luggage rack, even on trains where full-size bikes are banned. Seamlessly integrate your ride-to-work with public transport to allow for the quickest, most efficient route to your final destination.

What should I think about when buying a folding bike?

When choosing a foldup bike there are a number of things to consider. You will want to think about how far you ride, how much the feel of the bike matters to you and the importance of the bike’s folded size. Don’t forget you have to carry or push the bike as well as ride it.

Which wheel size should I choose for a folding bike?

Foldable bikes generally come in two wheel sizes, 16” or 20. If you want to speed along and have a ride experience closer to your normal bike then 20” wheels are the better choice, but the compromise comes when it is time to fold them up. A 16” wheel bike folds up smaller and may be lighter but feels less stable and doesn’t roll as fast when you are riding.

How can I choose the right type of folding bike?

Check how quickly and easily the bike you are interested in folds and how much space it takes up. If you are folding and re-folding your bike several times on a journey you need to be able to do it quickly and efficiently, plus the folding mechanism needs to be resilient.

Another consideration is how far you are going to ride the bike and on what types of terrain. If you are riding some distance, then you will want a folding bicycle that allows plenty of adjustment so you can find the best possible riding position for you.

Are gears important on a folding bike?

Gearing is a particularly important consideration on a fold away bike as the wheels are so small. If you live somewhere where you need to pedal up and down hills, then you will want a larger spread of gears than someone who lives on the flat.