Our Guide to Buying: Cycling Gilets

What are Cycling Gilets?

In a nutshell

Gilets are sleeveless jackets, sometimes called vests, worn over your jersey and perfect for adding an extra layer of warmth and protection without covering up your arms. Gilets take up so little space in a pocket that there is no excuse for riding without one, the warmth they provide with minimal weight makes them indispensable all year round.

Gilets are cycle clothing that is great for spring and autumn and also comes in a range of fabrics for different purposes. These include, but are not limited to being windproof, thermal, lightweight or reflective for safety and visibility.

Why should I wear a cycling gilet?

A gilet adds versatility to your riding wardrobe, the extra layer on your chest over a jersey is just enough to keep you warm on windy or cool days when a jacket would be too much. They are also great for shower protection on warm days when you just want to avoid wind chill on your chest.

What should I look for when choosing a gilet?

When choosing a gilet look for a tight, slim fit cut so it doesn’t flap in the wind, with a high collar and long back to keep your torso covered when in the riding position. If you are racing, look for a gilet such as those from Endura that allow your race number to remain visible.

What are thin gilets useful for?

Very thin gilets are great for packing into your back pocket to add an extra layer. Thin gilets are also useful for when the weather changes or for warmth whilst at a café stop. Some gilets have mesh backs to keep you from over-heating so are useful for summer whereas others are more substantial for spring and autumn.