Interactive Turbo Trainer Software

Smart Trainers are designed to make using a turbo more interesting, more interactive eliminating the boredom factor. The naming comes from the ability of the resistance units on the trainers to interact with software to create a virtual environment. This can make the experience more immersive and realistic with gradients simulated by changes to the resistance on smart trainers.

The other popular benefit of using these virtual environments is you no longer have to ride alone. You can ride in a peloton, challenge your mates or just enjoy the change of scenery. There are several exponents offering programs, the current popular option is Zwift.

Interactive software only


The software not only supports a broad range of trainers but provides users with terrific visuals and the afore-mentioned rider community options. The software is compatible with a range platforms including iOS, Android, PC & Mac. We have more great information on our blog taking you through the kit you’ll need, setup options and usage.

The Sufferfest

Popular for their use of interactive video content overlaid with their training programmes, the Sufferfest has been a popular platform for a number of years. You can take on the toughest races with clear instructions to follow to make your workouts as intense as you like.


This is a popular option for those wanting to specifically work with power. Trainerroad supports power meters but if you don’t have one you can use their ‘Virtual Power’ feature. This has the benefit of allowing the software to work with a broad range of trainers. It is backed up by the opportunity to use the huge range of workouts available thanks to their partnership with several video suppliers, giving you hours of content to work through.

Interactive software & smart turbo trainers


Wahoo are all about letting you ride the revolution, taking your training indoors and maximising your effort. Their smart trainers provide power, accuracy and responsiveness allowing even the most demanding of cyclists to achieve their goals. Quiet but offering a 'real' feel so you can almost experience the same feeling as if you were riding outdoors.


The training software offered by Tacx again works with their own extensive range of turbos and third-party offerings. There are other considerations, if you want to use ANT+, you’ll need a USB dongle. The Android app is free but if your preference is iOS then you will need a Wahoo dongle. Tacx offers the ability to ride courses created on Google Maps or use Tacx’s own 3D environments.


Elite have developed many innovations in almost 40 years of producing high quality cycling products. From turning rollers to in-door trainers that utilize new resistance technology and software with higher levels of realism that can re-create 20% climbs. Their range of totally interactive home trainers are fully compatible with the latest software apps such as Zwift or TrainerRoad etc.