Our Guide to Buying: Socks

Why are cycling socks important?

In a nutshell

It is easy to overlook socks – small as they can be - but they are as important to your comfort as a pair of padded bib shorts. Whether you are looking for short, plain white ankle socks or long, brightly coloured and patterned socks to raise your sock game, there is a sock for every style and situation.

How are cycling socks sized?

Socks should have a tight smooth fit designed to prevent rubbing and bunching up of material. Make sure you buy the correct size for your feet as any loose material will make your cycling shoes feel uncomfortable and could create pressure points. One important consideration is cuff length.

How long should my socks be?

From ankle socks to 15cm long socks, cycling fashion aficionados have strong opinions. Lining up the cuff of your sock so it reaches the belly of your calf muscle but doesn’t cover it is the choice of the professional road bike enthusiast.

Which cycling socks should I use in the summer?

Socks come in a variety of different thicknesses to keep your feet cool and dry. Summer socks are designed to be as thin and breathable as possible to help prevent your feet from overheating and becoming painful. Lightweight Coolmax socks from Altura or Endura are ideal for summer whereas compression socks are there to enhance your performance.

Which cycling socks should I use in the winter?

Winter socks often use thicker wools such as merino that provides insulation. High-end socks employ other materials such as silver to prevent bacteria building up - reducing smelliness! Thermal merino socks are good for general cold weather, while SealSkinz offers waterproof socks for mountain biking, which can help keep feet warm and dry when splashing through puddles.

While they used to come in two colours - black or white - now there is no limit to the variation of sock colours available to compliment your cycling kit. Your socks are the perfect way to express your personal style when on the bike. Go long and loud, or short and discreet, the choice is yours.