Our Guide to Buying: Tights and Trousers

Why do I need tights or over trousers when cycling?

In a nutshell

Tights and over trousers are wardrobe essentials if you want to stay warm and dry even in the worst conditions. Full-length Lycra tights will keep out the wet and cold, and whether you opt for bib-tights, non-bib, padded tight or over tights, they will enable you to ride in comfort all year round.

Common features of Cycling Legwear

Should I wear bib tights or waist tights while cycling?

Full-length tights or ‘longs’ come in several different combinations of options. As with shorts you can choose from bib or waist tights. In addition to basic thermal Roubaix, some tights also feature Windstopper panels for the ultimate in cold weather protection or treated with water repellent to help keep your legs dry on the wettest days.

What is the difference between padded and non-padded cycling tights?

In addition to the bib or non-bib conundrum, you also have to decide between padded and unpadded. Non-padded tights are designed to wear over your existing padded Lycra shorts. This means an extra layer of protection on your thighs and it means you can keep wearing your favourite shorts all year round. Padded tights mean just one single layer, which can help prevent lumps and bumps or material getting rucked up as you pedal.

Can I cycle to work without overtrousers?

If you cycle to work, waterproof over trousers are essential as they will protect you from the worst the elements will throw at you! Ideal for commuting and mountain biking as they keep out the mud and spray so you stay warm and dry underneath.

Legwear for All Seasons

How can I protect my work clothes when cycling to work?

For commuting when you want to wear your own ‘civilian’ clothes to the office, over trousers are the answer. Tapered at the ankle to prevent material catching in the chain but with enough stretch to pedal comfortably these waterproof and windproof trousers will keep out the rain and road spray so you stay warm, clean and presentable underneath.

Are bib tights useful in cold weather?

Bib-tights have something of an advantage in cold weather as they cover your chest and back, adding an extra layer of insulation and making it less likely that there will be gaps in your layering where drafts could get in.

What is best for very cold weather?

In really cold weather cycling trousers over Lycra tights provides the warmest and driest combination of clothing allowing you to keep riding regardless of what the weather gods throw at you. For mountain bikers over trousers add an extra layer of protection from the mud and water your wheels spray up.